Vienese waltz

well its friday afternoon and im heading south after the toughest week of the show so far. im shattered. Workin two shows is taking its toll and sleep is but a distant memory. But its ok, im workin hard and even though i feel physically and mentally shattered at the moment,im loving every minute of it. Who knew id love ballroom? its been a while since our last as we have had 3 latin dances in a row,so i was a bit ring rusty. But im back in the groove and enjoying it. The vienese is tough,its the waltz on speed and just involves rotation after rotation after rotation but rapid getting great distance and travelling all round the floor. there are limited moves in this dance but yet again nat has come up with fantastic choreography and challenged me to hit the top of the leader board again. The routine is quick,technical and if done right,looks and feels beautiful and graceful. if im out of time then it all falls apart….scary!!! Often a bit boring due to limited moves,nat has added a lot of light and shade in the form of speed across the floor and i expect it to be quicker than most other performances on the night, she likes to switch it up too so i think this could be a beautiful performance……as long as i make no mistakes….pressures on

3 responses to “Vienese waltz”

  1. Debbie says:

    good luck Ricky!! I’ve no doubt you’ll be FAB-U-LOUS dahhling!!

  2. Jade says:

    Ricky no matter what the dance or situation you’ll nail it 🙂 xox My friends and i are voting EVERY week 😉 Good Luck for tomorrow and even though you’re tired im sure you’ll be a great profesional and swing those hips lolz
    take care
    Jade x

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Ricky, keep going you have been the best dancer that I have ever seen on Strictly, ignore the bad comments, enjoy the dance and just trust Natalie. She is very clever in her strategy. Good luck on Saturday.

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