Through to next Round!!!

I am so happy with this weekend. I made a few mistakes but most importantly,we are through to the next round and i am really looking forward to learning a new routine though only have about 12 hours to learn it is gonna be tough. Im still filmin hollyoaks during the day so its gonna have to be late nighters to try and nail what will no doubt be tough choreography from Nat.Again can i just say how amazing she has done this month to get me where i am. She was so patient,willing and i think she has more than proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with amongst the pros. I was so nervous in front of the judges after the waltz i looked pale and Nat had to squeeze my hand to stop them from shaking!! Same again saturday night,im not too bad during a performance,its just before behind the curtain and then facing the judges that my heart starts pounding!! I know we got great scores and a new strictly record(first ever 9 in round 1–big congrats to Natalie for that), but i just want to say thankyou to Carley,family and friends and a massive thankyou to anyone who voted for us and to please keep doin so as we are having so much fun and want to learn as many dances as possible,and hopefully surprise you with more routines now Nat has the bug!! Thanks again and i hope you enjoy the next round,weeks 3 yay!!!

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