The Final

Well the time for the final two couples to hit the floor is now,its been a long 4 months and im shattered,im not sure my body could last another week,it is truely exhausted as i have given everythin and carried injuries for months. I have one more night to press through and i am starting to realise that its all coming to an end,an end that i dont want. I would love to continue dancing as it has stoked a fire in my belly and ive loved every minute of it and now its coming to an end,even with all my aches and pains,i dont wanna stop. This is the best experience of my life and i wish i could come back next year and dance again,who knows maybe they will have me back for a show dance or ask me for tour. We listened to the audience and fans and they have chosen quickstep and cha cha,rehearsals went well today and it was strange getting back into old routines,hopefully they will be as good as everyone remembers as i dont wanna let anyone down. Hopefully they can be even better this time. The lindy hop is fun and me and nat have some great aerials in our solo parts to showcase what we can do in the dance. Then we have the showdance,what could we come up with to wow the fans. How could we beat that lift from the american smooth?answer? watch our showdance because if we pull the lifts off as they are meant to go,they are fantastic,the last lift is actually 3 lifts in one and very tricky getting nat into the different positions,they are combinations that have never been done and very excitin to attempt. I hope everyone likes them and all our dances,there is a little somethin in the showdance for everyone without alienating the hardcore strictly fans so there will be dancing involved,it wont be strictly come lifting!!! so fingers crossed,im going to go out there and give it everythin ive got and hope its enough to prove to the public i deserve to lift that trophy,if not,ive had the time of my life and i walk away proud and with my head held high,what a journey…..

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  1. gillster says:

    just watched it takes two and i cannot help but be impressed by you and natalie in interview….you’re both gracious and genuine, sincere and earnest… I say…brilliant role models…and I really think that is one of the best compliments you can afford someone in today’s society…..I have been excited about the final for days….will be a family thing…and i really just hope that the four of you can get a chance to enjoy it… you say it is a unique opportunity, unrepeatable….so soak it up….honour the dance..and that alone will please everyone involved…as your aunt says, family, friends and fans…..

    because you have a special pro dancer, expectations of the choreography are exceptionally high…so maybe that helps you somewhat, that you share the pressure, and natalie is being observed also….

    i do feel that having got through to the final (altho’ it is my belief that you will win) that you have already won….’the dancer got thru’ to the final’…..and so I am pleased….knowing that it is completely down to the public means that people will go crazy…phone voting like mad… the results are difficult to predict…..but you will be, indeed ARE the deserved ‘dancer’… you have already won….

    I do find it incredible that some pereceptions are that Chris is the ‘personality’…yes he has a nice disposition….seems a very likeable character, but to suggest that he has some kind of monopoly on this is strange to me and surely others….

    I always judge people by who you’d want to have a veggie 😉 pie & pint with down the local….for me, it would be you and nat….hands down, no contest….but that’s not scientific, it’s just a preference…..

    so be assured that the many will echo my feelings, as i’m sure you are both finding, and that your story is resonating with many many dance fans out their….

    god, you guys have won me over and I wasn’t a viewer of Hollyoaks or knew of Natalie before this… i’m so looking forward to following both your careers, wishing you success whatever you decide to do…..


    the best dancer on strictly ever….that’s official…..!

  2. naz says:

    good luck for tonight ricky!so positive that ur gna be even more amazing than always tonight and walk away with that disco ball strictly trophy..and u deserve it!all these months of hard work but uve got this natural ability and were brilliant from the first show..i really hope tonight is as great as you want it to be..can’t wait to see the show but also really sad as it means it’s the last time we’ll see you on our screens on a saturday night :(..all the best with the rest of your career though- u seem like a gorgeous and genuine person & thats wat made u so likeable from day 1..i have a feeling your career will take to new heights after strictly & so it should!will be rooting for you..go out there and make all us fans proud! xx

  3. Camilla says:

    Best of luck tonight Ricky! You and Natalie are the most amazing team with all your hard work and still fantastic ability to make it look easy and fun. Natalie is a great choreographer, clearly one of the best in Strictly. When we add your natural musicality and the chemistry between you and Nat it’s no wonder you’re in the final! I’ll miss your dances on the Saturday nights so it’ll be a great treat if you were to come back on the show to remind us what wer’re missing… 🙂

    Thank you Ricky Whittle for this season and enjoy every last minute of tonight as you deserve to be in the final, deserve all the praise and standing ovations you can get!! Here’s for full house of 10’s from the judges! 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    you did deserve to win but you know that. You both danced amazingly tonight, i was open mouthed in awe. Loved it. You are an inspiration, so dedicated, so entertaining, so determined. Be proud of yourself and know you gave your all. Love it, Love you bothx

  5. Alice says:

    WOW! You were fantastic tonight- you totally deserved to win and I believe that you were robbed of the trophy. As Len said, you were the best dancer, everyone knows that- they just voted for the underdog- or men were swayed by Ola’s costumes…!! x

  6. Gillster says:

    Richard 😉 and nat….you did us so PROUD tonight….i said last night in my post that try as we might, we were not up to the might of the team Cola wave….Natalie you said it….Ricky couldn’t have done any more, and what you did was amazing….

    best dancer on strictly….
    best dances on strictly….
    the showdance was incredible…..

    you must be feeling bittersweet, but I hope the bitter taste recedes as you acknowledge that you were up against impossible odds…..I do not mean disrespect to Chris and Ola…..they have worked incredibly hard, and they did have a lot of appeal….but here’s why you didn’t win…what is more….you could not have done anything to change these facts

    so, over and above the cola story….here’s what I feel….

    *the strictly demographic is largely BBC-prone viewers….BBC Breakfast is a flagship programme, and like Christine Bleakley and John Seargent on ‘the one show’ last year (which I wrote to the programme and complained about) there was a lot of promotional speak and canvassing/garnering of votes. You cannot overlook or negate the number of votes rising out of these regular updates.

    *Ola is an established Strictly performer who has alongside her husband, a fanbase of regular viewers….Ola has had a story on the programme and has fans who would like to see her win…..this is a foundation of loyal voters….

    *As media is spun towards the end of the competition, when the professionals leave they are canvassed for their opinions….James and Ola are known as hospitable (welcoming Brian last year) and are a centra;l couple amongst the professionals. I felt in a few interviews there was a loyalty in speech to James and Ola….especially in radio interviews (so no media spin possible….)…..

    *James Jordan was used much more this season in interview and presenting, than others. The fact that he would speak about ‘cola’ had to have a favourable impact…given that they, as a couple are becoming exponentially popular amongst the public.

    *I didn’t feel that the Charleston was appropriate in a final where the lindy-hop was one of the compulsory dances. (especially when these are the dances suited to ‘smaller dancers’. I felt a true Latin should have been made compulsory….surely a final is an exhibit of range of ability…..

    Your cha cha was woefully undermarked whilst the charleston was overmarked. They are still dance judges and failed to do this…

    so….my current musings……i just want you to know that you have been appreciated and deeply respected all through the competition. I hope you enjoy your break….and do something really rewarding.

    So, all I can say with certainty is that you and nat have a new fan who can’t wait to see what you do next…..(a season of show dances around the country next year…..PLEASE!!!!)
    but asides from dancing…we think your ace and wish you well in your respective further careers…..

    oh, one more thing to say, with certainty….

    i can safely say it was my last strictly. I watched you both for 16 weeks….saw perfect effort and sometimes perfect dancing…..if Strictly is NOT strictly about dancing, i just don’t want to invest as much time in the programme again. A lot of things quite skewed for me so you were the last champion for me…..the glitterball is nothing if it isn’t won for beautiful dancing….

    may write tomorrow….hope you are having a brilliant time right about now…..and well done guv’nor…..brilliant!

  7. Alice says:

    Very well said…here here

  8. Gillster says:

    oh one more ‘thing’ (that’s a euphamism for ‘moan’ 😉

    no one….no one was more vociferous about strictly being a ‘dance competition’ than James Jordan. In fact he had an outburst last year on live telly both of the SCD show and ITT about the fact that the ‘best’ dancers were being knocked out to vote for the underdog. I’m sorry but i have found his about turn (and he has commented this week) that he ‘realises’ it is as much an entertainment show…..I respected him for his brave outspokenness last year, and I understand but respect less his turnaround brought about by Chris’s journey to the final. It is absolutely true that had ola a different partner this year, and Ali had been dancing with James, he would have gone ten types of berserk….c’est la vie huh 😉

    that really is me finished….for now…

    have a brilliant rest rick and nat! x

  9. krishol says:

    i knew it! That would gonna happened… Last week i was so nervous that u must be in d final..i didnt feel that tonight coz i’m thinking “mostly, people love underdog”.. I was so speechless,, you such an incredible and amazing couple of favorite eversince till d end.. I just found myself i love you both, you are soulmates..being not winning dis competition its gutted.. But Ricky n Natalie is our winner, you’re d best dancer.. Nat, hope to see you next year on SCD.. Ricky, i’d love to read always ur story in dis site.. Pls continue doing dis, im hoping n waiting for ur dancing movie.. Exciting!! I luv u both!! Cheeeeers!

  10. Francis says:

    I normally do not vote for TV shows. On this occassion I voted six times. I know a large section of our community do not vote for these shows. Chris is funny we know that. But you can dance, right? It is a pity popularity had to win over talent. Good luck to you and your partner with the future. Well done and hold your head high up! You are the 2009 Champion in my heart.

  11. NyakiS says:

    Ricky and Natalie, am devastated that you didn’t win. But we all know who the real winner was and it was you and Natalie. I found your dancing was so amazing and very inspiring. I really hope you continue to dance. I thought you and Natalie both suited each other and hopefully you will come back for the Christmas Special. I believe you’ve got a great future ahead of you. Good Luck and Best Wishes for the future. Cheers.

  12. Nell says:

    just been on sdc forums can’t stand it anymore.such gobshite from team cola fans.YOU WAS ROBBED.Never in all my sdc years has there been such a travisty
    glad ur mum was there

  13. Lulu says:

    Ricky, I have never EVER been PROUDER of a Strictly Come Dancing contestant than I have been of you. You are definately the best of every series of Strictly, just know that. I hope that so much success comes out of your SCD experience.
    You & Natalie have absolutely made this series for me I wish I could watch you two dance all the time.
    Even the ‘Team Cola’ fans know it’s a hollow victory for them, we all know you are the true winner of Strictly Come Dancing. Just like Len said tonight, “go away knowing you’re the best dancer” and hell yes you can be proud and hold your head up high. I’m sorry you weren’t appropriately rewarded for all your excellence.
    You are so gracious and such an inspiration!


    *btw your Michael Jackson kid photos shown on ITT were hilarious!

  14. Laurayne says:

    Well done. 🙂 I think we all knew that Chris had it in the bag but, my goodness you really, really showed the country what good dancing is really all about. I truly hope you and Natalie aren’t too disappointed because you are up there with the greats of SCD. Rachel and Colin are/were my faves and you’re right alongside them. I think I must be a bit of a jinx because both of them lost out to the “personality” vote as well! However, in years to come people will be talking about your AT, QS, Waltz and Show Dance with the same reverence as they talk about their classic dances.

    I’ve just seen the story in the NOTW and it makes what you accomplished even more incredible! You must have been under tremendous pressure, and I take my hat off to you for not going for the sympathy vote and keeping it all about dancing. After all the problems you had with your leg I’ll wager you’re thoroughly fed up with hospitals, but nothing is more precious than your health so go and get that hernia sorted out ASAP.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours, and THANK YOU for the wonderful dances you performed on SCD. 🙂

  15. naz says:

    i’m sorry ricky :(..almost cried last night but i have to say chris and ola did a great job too and are a really likeable took defeat like a true man last night and i hope you left SCD knowing that you gave it your all and provided so much great entertainment..u have an amazing talent that you should definitely use again in the future, would be such a shame to waste all that yumminess that you bring to the dance floor..truly an amazing gent- gorgeous, sweet, humble and a hardworker..please take me up on the opportunity of doing a cha cha with you (would b a dream come true!) b4 darcy!lots of love xx

  16. Laura P says:

    Hi Ricky,

    You and Natalie danced superbly last night, the QS was so polished, the CCC was really hot and your showdance was insane!!!! My husband and I sat there with our jaws on the floor at that neck lift, wow! With al respect to Cola, they’re very sweet but not in your league and it is a shame and a disgrace that the GBP dont seem to appreciate your ability. You’re one of the best dancers Strictly has ever seen and you will always been remember as that. Particularly in your Argentine Tango and that stunning Waltz last week.

    You should both be very proud of yourselves and good luck for the Christmas Special. And I hope the SCD producers let your guest star in the tour at Liverpool, that’s where Im going to see the show and I would love to see you dance again with Nat!

    Well done and lots of love,

    Laura xxx

  17. RickalieFan says:

    can you put pictures of you and nat here please? thankx
    we love you Ricky and Natalie and you are the real winners of scd 😛

  18. martinp says:

    Ricky – Your dances were the highlight of each prog and you are the best non-pro dancer I have seen on Strictly.
    To you and Natalie – Thanks. Good luck with your future plans.

  19. nneka says:

    whoa gutted ricky!! can’t believe last night’s result, really hoped that maybe just maybe we would see the best dancer ever on SCD lift that trophy but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. The demographics of majority of SCD viewers lent a big hand to Chris but we all know that you are the most fantastic dancer ever. I am still watching replays of ur AT(love that foot flip b/w nat’s legs!!!) and ur QS( wow that move on the steps at the end!) can’t believe ur not professional, u shd consider this as a back up career! Big props to nat also for her choreography, amazing!
    Well done guys!!! don’t stop dancing!!!

  20. Camilla says:

    Congratulations Ricky and Nat- the true winners of SCD 2009!!! I’m in Sweden and couldn’t see the final (I know, poor planning on my part, but anyway:)) but I’ve seen your dances + the Lindy hop on YouTube and showed them+the semi final ones to my mam. She immediately after asked if I had more dances with you two to show her. You have such style, such class and you can be extremely proud of what you’ve done throughout this competition. We are plenty of people who adore you and are very upset and disappointed on your behalf that you didn’t get the honour of lifting that trophy last night. You certainly have deserved it-and then some.

    Hug Natalie for me and once again: congratulations for a job VERY well done!!! 🙂

  21. Michael says:

    first of all – well done to you an Natalie for putting your heart & soul into the competition, and giving us all some exciting and beautiful dancing to watch. I’m afraid it proves that half the public shouldn’t be able to vote!!!! The final should have been with you & Nat against Ali & Brian as you were clearly the best couples. You were the best dancer in the final, no contest. You have bucket-loads of charisma and personality. Good luck with whatever you choose to do in the next stage of your career!

  22. anna says:

    Really well done, Ricky – you were fantastic on Saturday. Really in a league of your own. I think we all knew that Chris was going to win it, and all we could hope for was a miracle. Sadly, it was not to be. Please know that we did vote for you, many many times. It just simply wasn’t enough.

    Thank you for all 4 amazing dances on Saturday. Your QS was magic, the Cha Cha Cha – hot beyond words (you could have looked down less but I guess it was just a habit you got into, and there was not enough time to get rid of it), and that show dance – whoa!!!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we will remember you as the best male celebrity SCD has seen so far, and most (if not all) of your dances will be a benchmark for any future contestants. I loved them all.

    I’m disappointed with BBC and this series of SCD. I think next year the rules should be clear from day 1, and they should not be changed as the show progresses. I think it wasn’t fair to allow Chris&Ola to do their Charleston (which was hugely overmarked IMO), they should have done a proper Latin. I think we all know that it was the Charleston that won the trophy. Anyway, what’s done is done. Just know that there are plenty of people for whom you and Natalie are the true winners. I’m so glad that Len told you what he did – that you were the one to beat from week 1, and that although you would probably be beaten in the final, you were the best dancer.

    You can be proud of what you have achieved.

    Thank you for amazing 14 Saturdays. Good luck in your future endeavours. Tell Natalie we love her and hope to see her back next year.

    Happy Christmas. Lots of love,


  23. Sarah N says:

    Ricky, Well done you both. All the very best for the future. You were the winner on throughtout the series in technique and entertainment. I hope we will see you on screen in some form of dancing or other.CONGRATULATIONS!!! and thanks to Natalie for getting you through the experience. Cheers.

  24. Strictly rage! says:

    I’m feeling the rage. But well done on a truly fantastic transformation from an actor to a dancer! I hope you find time to keep dancing because you have a real natural ability that shouldn’t go to waste. Though it is apparent that you have been bitten by the ballroom bug!

    I am mourning the loss of you on my television on Saturday nights and now it seems during the week 6 months down the line! Hollyoaks upsets me when it does things like this… particularly when 4od isn’t available in the Far East so I can’t catch up! Grr…

    My sincere congratulations once again and I hope you have a great many things lined up. Merry Christmas!

  25. krishol says:

    hi ricky, hope ur doing good. I watched hollyoaks today n i was so surprized…it was so imotional for me that u ended up…i understand ur situations,,just hoping to see u always on telly or any Biz reports.. Take care of ur health ricky,,,all our prayers for ur nearly hernia operation..please continue typing ur story for always waiting of it… We love u n we care for u a lot…MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND TO YOUR FAMILY..

  26. Katherine says:

    Hi Ricky
    Well what a final!

    How on earth did you lift Natalie with a hernia! You poor thing you must be sore and fed up with the injury.
    I see Mr Bean won, but it was a big publicity machine behind him, the BBC Breakfast and him always putting himself down, when he was as hungry for the title as anyone else, sorry for the negative comment, only I am furious that the best dancer has had to make way for the goon.

    I am gutted you are not on the Strictly tour, surely your manager could sort this out, as there must be thousands/millions that want to see you and Natalie dance together.
    Once you have had your operation I am sure they could let you join the team on the tour as a surprise guest perhaps.

    Len knew you were a winner from day one and so did the rest of the judges, I voted non stop for you as I think you and Natalie make a great couple your fabulous. Aleshia’s scoring of Chris at the final was stupid, ok his Charleston was good but they should not have been allowed to dance that dance in the final, your Argentine Tango was far better and you didn’t do it in the final! I still loved your showdance and the Quickstep is the best I have ever seen on any Strictly.

    Some say you have to connect with your audience but you did connect your fans love you.
    Chris was on BBC Breakfast every morning and that gets far more viewers than Hollyoaks.

    Just remember this, we your fans love you, and want the best for you, so get well soon, and be careful with press interviews, don’t give them any ammunition just follow your dreams, keep dancing and if your manager can’t get you on the Strictly tour then I’ll be your manager, ha ha!

    As far as I am concerned you and Natalie are the dancers champions of Strictly Come Dancing 2009 and I wouldn’t like to be Chris knowing I wasn’t the best dancer but won.

    Happy Christmas and thanks for making Strictly special.

  27. Milvi G-ff says:

    Dear Ricky,
    I would like to thank you and Natalie for these wonderful Saturday SCD nights. I loved to see you dancing, truly enjoyed that. As I am from Estonia, I didn’t know you before, didn’t know Natalie or any other celebrities. You were the best from the beginning. There wasn’t any doubt you are a winner. I can understand why the British voted for Chris.
    Anyway, be proud of yourself. You are so talented, strong and heartful. My wish is to find a big picture about you and Natalie and to put on the wall.
    I LOVE YOU AND NATALIE. Hope to see you both on TV or in real. Maybe in Liverpool, if I am still in England.

  28. stacey says:

    Well Done Ricky and Natalie. You were both fanatsstic. I am gettin married and the dances that you perfomed made me want to dance. well done Ricky. xxxxx

  29. Camilla says:

    Merry Christmas Ricky (and of course your lovely Natalie too if you see her/talk to her!) I’m aware that you don’t celebrate Christmas tomorrow too in the UK like we do here in Scandinavia but anyway… 🙂 Hope you get some snow and sub-zero temperatures for Christmas… Here it’s -9 and as I’m in southern Sweden we have to make do with 10cm snow but compared to Dublin this is GRAND! It looks like Christmas cards. 🙂

    I’ve just seen your dances from semi and final… Wow! They’re still great. :)I hope you get to use your skills even after SCD (preferably on telly so we can see you! 🙂 )

    All the best for 2010.

  30. Hannah says:

    You guys smashed the final and so should have been crowned champions!

    My 16 month old son, Zak, pressed his nose up against the TV every time you guys danced. He clapped along and danced with you!

    I voted the buttons off the phone! Ricky you truly are a role model for what young boys (particularly those from mixed race communities like myself) should aspire to be- you are a real gentleman and a testament to your parents!

    Please keep dancing together, you are the most gorgeous couple and it is clear that you are made for each other in every way.

    Congratulations once again.

  31. Bek says:

    Hey! Just been reading your blogs and thought i’d leave a message.
    I’m a performer myself (never danced ballroom) and everytime i watch any of your performances i am left speechless. For a non pro to be able to feel music the way you do is amazing and the partnership you managed to build with Natalie was magical, you really did become one on the dance floor.
    I’ve watched Natalie for the past couple of years, and to be honest she was the reason i watched scd this year. Her choreography is EPIC and never predictable. You got lucky there!
    Anyway, hope you had a peaceful Christmas and please keep dancing!

  32. T says:

    hope u had a good and relaxing xmas and looking forward to a promising new year(now the worlds yr oster)the still the king of the ballroom for me….nuff respect to u your truely talentend and blessed so i wish you peace love and always good blessings for 2010 and beyond x x x x x x x may all your wishes and dreams come true my love x x x x x x x

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