Thankyou & i owe you all

That has to be one of the greatest nights ive ever had and definately the greatest career wise. Firstly i would just like to say thankyou to absolutely everyone who has supported us and picked up their phones and voted for us. Without you guys and your support there is now way we could have made it to the final. We knew it wasnt enough to come top,that just helped,we needed support and this weekend when it mattered it came in abundance so thankyou. That semi final was my final and i danced it so,i honestly thought i was gone and even had my leaving speech in my head. Il admit it,i was on top of the world,i had just performed a beautiful waltz(very emotional) and my favourite dance of all time,the one i wanted to do long before i appeared on strictly,the argentine tango. I think they were my two favourite dances of the series,to get a standing ovation,the amazing comments from the judges,the standing ovation from the pros when we got back to Tess’ area and finding out my dad was in the crowd to see all that with tears in his eyes,made that night perfect. It only needed my mum there too and someone very special to me and i would have left that night the happiest chappy on the planet! Though i think i was anyway,it was magical and i was happy to walk away with my head held high. To hear our names called out was a massive shock and i cant thank you enough,i will just make sure that we pay you back by coming up with 4 dances worthy of the final and not just good routines but showstoppin winning routines!! i want this to be my best performances ever and it will all be for every single person who voted and supported us. You have made a dream come true so thankyou again and i owe you,hopefully see you saturday……showtime

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  1. John W says:

    Well I voted for you countless times (actually not countless but it was worth the £15)! I wanted to do my part to make sure one of the best dancers ever on this show deservedly got through to the final. I can’t imagine how nervous the two of you were. I had to change the channel, come back for the judges comments then watch the dances. They were both fantastic with great choreography as usual.

    Congratulations on a job well-done! I’ll be giving my redial button a workout again this coming Saturday!

  2. RickalieFan says:

    Ricky and Natalie what can I say 🙂 That was one of the best moments in Strictly ever x I have loved you and Nat from the very start i saw you walk down those stairs 😛 I can not believe craig didnt give you a ten because both dances was outstanding x
    You and Natalie are like the most attractive couple in the world for me and I really hope you guys get together because Natalie is such an amazing girl and you will be the luckiest person in the world to have someone as beautiful as her and one of the most nicest, most talented person ever x

    I hope you guys win because you deserve it more than anyone else in Strictly x

  3. naz says:

    omg i missed sat nite show as was working 🙁 but i heard it was AMAZING!and saw you on it takes two today looking as gorgeous as ever!keep dancing hard ricky–u have truly taken strictly to another level this year and you always bring out beautiful routines accompanied by a humble manner and obviously you always look great too..i dream about dancing with you!i hope there’s some latin in store for the final (i want an open shirt!)..keep doin what ur doin, i’m almost certain u’ll be holding that trophy this sat..& i’m not working this weekend so can’t wait to see it..all the best, sure ur gonna be showstopping..x

  4. gillster says:

    remember… my physicist friend….be ‘in the matter’…dance from the inside out….on that floor on saturday night…it will be you and nat, and your only judge is the dance itself….we all thank YOU for giving us such heart every week… cannot imagine the response at my home when you got through…i thought my hands were going to drop off i was clasping them so tight….! when your names were announced it was really a great moment….people were jumping off their sofa’s tom cruise style….;-)

    all because your story has meant so much to them….this year we not only have a celeb with a story, we have a professional….Nat is strong but she doesn’t fool me….I could tell by her tears in the VT that she is very much on a journey too….one that has taken just as much courage as you….for me she is the most endearing of the new professionals….she brings a new dimension of class and I really hope she will give us another year or so here….but she like you has the world as their oyster….ability for you guys starts in your mind as aspiration….you guys are great role models…..

    so I look forward to a FANTASTIC evening on saturday….the story continues…..:-)

  5. T says:

    All i can say is yeahhh baby!!I knew you was going to be in the semi finals and im glad my vote counted as it only take a moment,you where fantasic as always and you should be proud of your self(im feeling your emotions b)as evryones behind you and supporting you to win this so next wk I can call you the king of the ballroom,but not sure your live it down evrybody well now be asking you for danceing lessons now ha! if there not already,so dont stress it b you got this one and its all yours your amazinggg…ps wats going on with your sinces in holly wow!im saying nothing yeah ha!il just get the woman at work in kings rd chelsea to vote for ya next wk ok…

  6. Nell says:

    You are more than very welcome for my support.It is very well deserved.You and Nat have been tremendous.All your hard work and dedication has paid off,and Icouldn’t be more delighted for you both on making the final.I was emotionally drained during and after SDC on Saturday and I expect to be the same this week.
    Hoping all those people who are special to you are in the audience on Saturday.
    Can’t wait to see you and Nat dance,I know you will give it your heart and soul.

    Wishing you a tremdous final, and lots of joy.
    Good luck and THANKYOU for making this SDC for me the best one of all, and that’s down to you and Nat,who I think is wonderful.I hope you will remain friends for ever.

    Go “The Rickster” lots of love coming your way.

  7. anna says:

    No, thank YOU Ricky&Natlie for lightning up our Saturday’s nights! Each dance you did was very special and please know that we appreciate all the effort you have put into this show.

    You two are very special, each on your own and as dance partners. The chemistry you have cannot be faked, I cannot take my eyes off you guys when you dance. Truly amazing.

    You are fantastic role models – close to their families; good mannered; hard working and not resting on laurels. You make yourself and your families really proud.

    Ricky, please tell Natalie that we love her, I think she needs to know that. Watching the Saturday’s and seeing her so overwhelmed with emotions when your names were called out, I wanted to give her a hug so much that I almost hugged my screen.

    Good luck for Saturday, I’m sure you will give us your all and then some. I know it would mean a lot to you to win (and I sincerely hope that you do), but just enjoy dancing with Natalie. That is what matters the most. After all, these dances are going to be your last ones on this show 🙂

    Someone on the SCD forums called you TEAM WOWE – so go and WOW(E) everyone on Saturday! Lots of love and best of luck!

  8. othcymru says:

    You guys are great and the result in the final really doesn’t matter…just dance your hearts out!
    And whatever you did in the semis – bring it to the finals! Everyone on the forums have been raving about the connection between you two (even though we smartypants saw it from week 1). I don’t think anyone can possibly say you let anyone down after all these weeks of fantastic dancing. Just remember to smile and enjoy yourselves. You’ve got nothing more to prove as we all know you two are sensational.

  9. krishol says:

    yes, that is true, you have nothing more prove ricky. We all know how great n sensational u perform in d show.. Only just your waltz n AT makes me cry n makes me scream of joy when all d audience gives u standing ovation.. And the reaction of natalie when u put her down after ur argentine tango n she saw d audience. It feels so relieves but stil holding my breath till they announce u got through to d final..i knw how proud of ur father is…his tears can prove it.. Take care on ur training n natalie too..she’s amazing..she’s my favorite pro..she’s so lovely…i feel you both are soulmates.. ‘bless you.. Goodluck ricky n natalie…dont forget ur smile in d final n just enjoy.. I knw u wl give it all.. From now on ur my winner!! All our votes are yours…

  10. Nell says:

    Ricky if you are out there please answer this question ( honestly) had you had any dance training before strictly xx

  11. Camilla says:

    Ricky and Natalie… You two are absoultely amazing! I’m usually a fairly calm person but when Bruce said “Yes THIS is the moment of truth” my heart raced and I couldn’t sit still and when they said you names I just shouted “YES!” so I thought my neighbours could hear me and I could’ve hugged you. It also warmed my heart to see the pride shining from your father’s eyes each time the camera showed him. You wrote so beautifully about him and your family here but I’d say that love and affection is mutual.

    Like previous posts here say; enjoy Saturday for YOUR OWN sake, you don’t have anything more to prove-you’re already winners. Both of you as dancers (you are both fantastic dancers, don’t let anybody tell you differently!), Natalie as choreograph and both of you as people. So generous with praise and gratitude for everyone around you as often as you get the chance… Those standing ovations are well deserved!!! It’s going to be one very memorable final on Saturday-I’m sure of it!

    Thank you Ricky and Natalie for all the Saturday night shows you’ve given us this autumn!!

  12. Princess Swat says:

    I culdnt ve asked for a better birthday gift dis yr than to c u go thru. d final.i called my friends n jus gave them ur number to call without actually telling them y they wia calling n wen the call went thru n they wia told their vote 4 Ricky n Natalie ve bn registered the wia surprised but delighted they did cos they said they liked the performance n almost 4got to cast their vote,4 mii i jus kept calling n calling n i kept praying for u 2.N wen the moment of truth came,i was so delighted u went thru n also happy that i voted.Tnx for d performance on saturday,it waz d best.wish u guyz d very best dis weekend……n tnx again for giving me d best birthday gift.

  13. Sarah says:

    You were fab, voted so many times i kind of freaked myself out but knew we all had to help pull it out of the bag. Good luck for showtime, it’s bound to be awesome and so many great things to come for you.You are a great role model and my little boy has another ‘good guy’ to look up to. Have fun and good luckx

  14. Missym says:

    Hey Ricky, just wanted to say Well done on getting to the final and Good Luck for Sat!I voted like mad on Sat night – those two dances were amazing and I loved them soooo much! I thought Natalie’s choreography was outstanding – her foxtrot with Ian was also brilliant.The waltz brought tears to my eyes and the AT!!Wow it was so Vincent like in parts, I couldn’t believe I was watching a celeb do some of that footwork. You really did deserve to get through and I’m so pleased so many people voted for you – but you don’t need to thank us!We have enjoyed every step of your time on Strictly and you have given us amazing dances that we can enjoy time and time again.I was a huge Alesha and Matthew fan and for me no other couple has made me feel as emotional and connected to a dance – until you and Natalie came along. I can’t wait to see your showdance as I’m sure it will showcase you perfectly.Good Luck for Sat and hope you’ve been enjoying this week of training (sorry this has turned into a bit of an essay!)xxx

  15. Laurayne says:

    Well this is it Ricky. No matter what happens tomorrow you’re officially a SCD legend. I know everyone is raving about your stunning AT but, for me the emotional connection I felt for your Waltz is up there with Colin’s Rumba. I was totally entranced and had tears running down my cheeks at its beauty, I’ve watched it umpteen times now and the impact is still the same.

    I’m really looking forward to watching you tomorrow and as long as there aren’t any puppets in the showdance and/or you don’t dress up in “bacofoil” I feel the viewers are in for a treat. I loved your CCC the first time around and the QS will always be a showstopper. No matter what happens you’ve done your supporters and (most importantly) yourself and Natalie proud.

    Good luck to you and Natalie.

  16. Nell says:

    Good luck Ricky and Natalie you will be FAB XXXXXX

  17. kate elysee says:

    Ricky you have been the best contestent ever on strictly, handsome, gorgeous, an amazing dancer, and humility with it, the whole package, your face is so beautiful and almost shy when you smile, yet you are full of fun jumping and playing around, you have made this long old winter great, and i shall soo miss you both after christmas, even though you didnt win, which i knew you wouldnt as the great british public always vote the underdog in, you were the true winner, and you know it, good luck in hollywood, we will miss you, lots of love xx

  18. denise jones says:

    ricky watching u on telly always makes my day,whether on hollyoakes r dancing on ice trust me you r soooooo….hansome and sweet i just love that wonderful smile of yours. u were fantastic on dancing on ice you and natalie were the best i think you should do it again and for the record i do believe you would be fantastic in hollywood the sky is the limit.

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