Sunday-The Aftermath

wow what a weekend!! i would like to start by thanking everyone who is voting for us,we are having so much fun and dont wanna stop dancing. We want to keep entertaining and having fun so thank you for allowing us to do that. I say this because the weekend threw up a crazy result where a fantastic couple who should have been in the final were voted out. Zoe since day 1 has been an amazing friend who i admire greatly. She always had a smile on her face and was a genuinely lovely girl who i am honoured to have got to know and was gonna do great things in this comp before her exit. James too from day 1 has always been there for me with advice and i have used him as a role model on the dance floor. If i felt uncomfortable with any moves or girlie( i have a nak of doin girlie movements,Nat can only go so far to show me the masculine movements so the male pros are there to help,they dont have to but just do,they are such gents) james was always first across to advise me. He plays the bad boy and joker and he is,but he has a side that people dont see,the real pro that is there for everyone. Thanks for everything james,you two will be sorely missed and i cant wait til we dance again at the end of the series. Next can i say well done to Ali for getting through two performances when she was in so much pain,i know how she felt,i was in agony last week and wasnt looking forward to the dance off but if i had to,i waould have gone through the pain barrier as i did the first time,Ali went further and did do it twice. She was obviously in pain and still got through it. Anyone who says this show isnt hard is delusional,and anyone who questions Ali deserving to be here,that performance despite the pain is all people need to think about,well done lovely. She is a lovely girl who is doing really well and im proud i was her friend before this,i want to see her do really well and Brian is doin great things,they are a great partnership!! Onto my amazing partner,well well well,miss Lowe,what can i say? She has outdone herself again,she proved yet again her choreography is second to none, it was such an amazing routine and was an absolute pleasure to perform. Again i sang through the whole song and really enjoyed it from start to finish!! She has proved what a great teacher she is to get me through it,that was a tough routine but she pushed and pushed and said i could do it,i needed her to push me. It was a hard week but she was patient and determined to impress Bruno this week. In ballroom,she always wants to impress Len,he is head judge and loves ballroom,but Bruno wanted no mistakes after last week and it stuck with Nat. Probably more with me that her though,she does the hard work. Her choreography is always a 10,she is and the only thing letting her down each week was me,so i guess i finally feel ive made her proud. She always says she is but after a 39,no 40 due to bandy legs(i broke my leg craig,what can i do,they are shaped that way but i will try my best to impress you,i reeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy want a 10 from him now) i feel i really have proved myself to her. There was still alot more that could have been done to improve the performance and thats something we will improve on each week,but the 10’s have got me brownie points for the weekend. However its back to the studio monday and she doesnt rest on those scores,she is onto tango for blackpool. She could have got 40 and still would have forgot about it by sunday,you cant rest on your last performance,everyone raised their game this week and scores were high,you cant make mistakes now,people are improving and its anyones comp. We have to work hard again and try to pull out another show like saturday. Possibly better as everyones is gettin so good. So two dances,tango and the group swing this week at the blackpool ballroom,two dances,same amount of time,the stakes just went up,lets hope we can all do well again in blackpool. A quick big up to craig who is goin home,well done mate,his best performance so far by a mile,he smashed it,and Nat cassidy too,this girl is unbelievable, i hope we can stay friends beyond this show,she is great in every way and im glad she is doin so well too,Vincent deserves a good partner as he too is a great guy(i youtube all his performances,he is so good at everything ) he too like james always has advice for me,he is a special guy my ‘piccolino’ ha ha! So after 6 hours group rehearsals,i sit on the train north writing this knowing im getting in about 11pm and it all starts again monday morning at 6:30am,why am i putting myself through all this punishment? ……….Because i love it!!!!!!!

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  1. tara says:

    Hi ricky my names tara from london just wanted to say i think your doing a fantasic job on strickly come dancing your wonderful to watch with the choreography nats gives you,you both look great together.I was so upset on saturday just gone 31oct with yes that crazzzzy result it was a perfect 40 to me and i think many ppl will agree so shalah you win cause you deserve it,I have been following your success since you where in dream team and now hollyoaks your hardworking and determind and strictly the best.It is my 33rd birthday on saturday if it would be possable for you to big me up,and i well be watching strictly and supporting you all the way so keep up the good work and stay lucky xxxxxxx7

  2. Tom Moore says:


    It’s been a very long time since you’ve seen me, probably since Uni in Southampton, so hope you remember the days we shared a house together.

    Anyway, I didn’t know how else to contact you to wish you well on Strictly Come Dancing, so thought I’d try through your website.

    Just wanted to say congratualtions mate, your doing fantastically well and Katie and I (yes we are still together and we’re getting married next year) watch you evry week and cheer you on.

    Even my mum and nan are watching and cheering you on.

    Keep it up mate, I’m seriously very proud of you.

    All the best

    Tommy Moore

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