So Its Salsa Time

wow,i thought the paso was fast, this is rapid!!! Theres a part that i spin Nat about 15 times in a row,how she stands up after it deserves a ten in itself,i do two spins and the world pulls the rug from under me. But yet again i think its gonna be a good one. Its fast,technical  but more importantly for us,its fun fun fun!!!! we have had three serious dances and now its time to let what little hair i have down and go for broke. we wanna raise the roof this week and think we have come up with a fantastic routine to do so. again i need to watch for nerves and stay focused on the dance as its so fast,if i lose concentration for a second,it could all fall apart,its so intricate. Again Nat has come up with a great routine,this week we had sessions with richard marcel who has helped a few couples this week,this man can move,he performed the group salsa last week. So if everythin goes well,we could hopefully maintain our great start to the series and raise that bar again. Everyone else is,why cant we?

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  1. gillster says:

    I have to say that historically on strictly I find the naturally gifted dancers…..dare I say it…a bit boring…..because, as a viewer you want to see the struggle…..

    but actually not so with you Ricky. Not only do you seem to have the knack for dancing but you do bring something extra…which I think is that, it is patently obvious you are having an absolute blast. It does seem that you are amazed and delighted that you are able to enjoy the technicality and precision of competitive dancing….something you could not have known….so truly well done.

    I also think that you are a great role model for your audience. When you think about it, it is no coincidence that you are a very disciplined person in terms of looking after yourself, in terms of health and exercise…a trait that must correlate into the discipline of dancing at the peak strictly level.

    So well done, you are a pleasure to watch, you do have a journey because we are expecting huge things from you in terms of the quality of dancing. It’s obvious that you have the potential, by the end of the competition to be better han all Strictly winners thus far….

    that’s a huge undertaking, but whilst you have the skill, and the discipline, it is belief, some call it ‘bottle’….

    go for it! and good luck

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