well its been my toughest week yet!! This salsa routine,although not as technical as previous dances, is the fastest ive done yet with some crazy arm movement and ive taken a few elbows to the nose for bein out of time!!! If i lose focus for a second or am too physical with certain moves,the whole flow is ruined. If i let the nerves get to me,il be too physical and the moves wont work,i have to be as calm as possible whilst giving it my all as its a fun fast dance where i need maximum energy,controlled energy that is!!! This week is also my toughest because of my work schedule,ive been heavy in storyline for hollyoaks and working 7.30 til 7.30 sometimes 8 some nights so have only been able to get 2 hours training on some nights. we had less than 2 hours on monday to learn the routine as due to my schedule i wouldnt have enough time tues to learn and clean it for the directors cut on wednesday so had to work into the night finishin choreography at 1am!!! Nobody can say i dont want this or lack commitment!!! Im working like crazy to make sure i can give 100% to both shows and just hope it shows tonight. So back to the stage,its all hotting up and everyone again has raised their game looking at rehearsals. They all look great and im just hoping we can stick to our game plan and nail our routine. We cant change anyone elses path,we have to concentrate on our own and hope its enough,but i have confidence in both the routine and Nat,maybe i just need a little bit more in myself and we could really make things happen in this show. We will see,lets keep that focus Rico,enjoy tonight and hope you guys enjoy it too,i would like to think that this as its a happy dance and although its isnt as technical or beautiful as the waltz or rhumba,will be our most fun and entertaining yet. I loved the paso as i could play a definite character and had fun performing it but it was an aggressive dance, tonight if all goes well, should be fun fun fun…..

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