semi finals

hopefully with no dance off,i can come out and wow the judges and viewers and hopefully inspire peeps to pick up their phones. As with every week,im trying to pull out all the stops this week and hopefully we can come up with something special for ya. loving the argentine tango,its hot,sexy and very complicated,it shud however be registered as a lethal weapon as my shins,not scratch that,whole lower half of my body are in agony. When i go wrong in latin or ballroom,i may lose balance or worse case scenario have my toes stood on,in arg tango,i get kicked in the shins,ankle,knee,groin,kidneys hands,this dance is evil!!!! Love it tho and think its lookin great at this stage,just need to keep rehearsing it and cleaning it up and fingers crossed people will like it sat night. We also chose to do the waltz,our dance from week 1 and hopefully show the progression i have made in terms of technique,posture,adding swing and sway and musicality to my performances. Nat has come up with a fantastic but tough pro routine that is fast and fluid so we dont lose the viewer,she wants people to enjoy it and not think its draggin as its a slower dance. i think people will enjoy it,i know i do and think the choreography is beautiful. justwant to say thank you again to everyone over the week for your support,again from people on the street,to magazines,newspapers and forums,our official thread(you really cheer me up when im tired and fatigued and make it worthwhile,that support is the reason we flog ourselves til gone midnight some days,we dont wanna let you down) and radio stations,especially rock fm and adam catterall,so thanks again to everyone who has not just voted,but supported us in so many ways,hopefully we wont let you down on saturday and can show you how much we wanna be in that final by producing two great routines,fingers crossed. if you see me distracted in Tess’s backstage room,thats just me on my mobile pushin redial lol

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  1. krishol says:

    hi ricky, im watching SCD this year bec of you. I can say to myself i am one of ur million avid fans…all my support ricky and natalie, ur such a great n fantastic couple n deserve to be in d final, hopefully u’ll get to it. RICKY AND NATALIE THE PERFECT PARTNERSHIP(in real life?) well, goodluck to you both.. RICKY WHITTLE AND NATALIE LOWE…TO WIN!!!

  2. Carolina Rua says:

    Just want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your performances over the last few months with Strictly. If there’s any justice, you’ll be in the final because you’re among the best dancers the entire competition has had.

    No more of this “letting you down” talk. Bar sitting in the middle of the dancefloor and twiddling your thumbs for 90 seconds, it’s not possible for you to let us down. You’ve been brilliant and I’m sure you’ll continue to be brilliant up until you deservedly lift that Glitterball.

    The best of luck to you and Natalie. You deserve to be in the final and I hope others will see that too.

  3. naz says:

    hey ricky…just want 2 say you have taken strictly to another level..been watching the show for years but LOVIN it this year thanks to you and ur amazing are truly talented and gorgeous and such a pleasure to watch..i have dreams about dancing with u!go at it this sat and make it to the final- it’s u i wanna see holding that trophy at the end of the show and i knw u can do it..all the best for 2mo..working but will tape the show and watch- cant u x

  4. gillster says:

    ooh ooh…was really excited to see you and nat on ITT! She looked gorgeous..that complexion! I think there’s lots of us on redial….It has to be worth it….for m and a lot of others, as a contstant, there is NOTHING that you haven’t brought to the dancefloor; ability, musicality, effort, good attitude, tenacity, humility, deference to natalie’s teaching role, an undrstanding and embracing of the ethos of the dances, latin thru ballroom…if there was ever a deserving winner it was you…..I sooooooooo hope that people get behind you for this one…..

    It’s funny because I don’t watch Hollyoaks, and hadn’t followed your career….I must be lik a lot of people in that my mind was open and i wanted to follow the couple that brought a dancing story and a pure enjoyment of dance…..that’s you and nat….

    and, here’s the thing….and I really hope it doesn’t sound cynical….its not meant to be..

    what I perceive is that your ‘enjoyment’ of this competition isn’t based on the hilarity of training sessions, goofing around with names…. getting caught up in an open romance…(not that these things are wrong, but they can get in the way of what a dancing competition is about…)…I find I get irritated by these recurrent themes…the things that promote the theory that this is an ‘entertainment’ as well as a dancing show……why cannot the dances and the work to get them there, be entertainment enough……! argggggghhhhh!

    I hope people will realise that i’m trying to be diplomatic here….
    I could let fly but I think what you and nat need is support and the power of redial! I’m on it….it matters to me that you and nat make it to the final…..

    soooooooooooooo looking forward to the AT and the W…..what a treat….

    one of my friends, a physicist says, when h is studying, he gets ‘in the matter’….really delves right into the equations or the molecular surfaces….sees them from the inside out….can you and Nat do that for these dances….just be in the dance, from start to finish…..


  5. Camilla says:

    Best of luck tonight Ricky & Natalie!! You guy’s are the best of remaining three couples- technique, choreography and pure entertainment value! You always make it seem so easy and above all FUN to dance!! Really looking forward to see the AT, but also the waltz. I’m sure you wow us all (judges included) and I don’t think you two can do anything that seems to be dragging- most of you dances seem to go 100 miles/hour! Very very impressive! (I would’ve tripped over my own feet if I would try to dance backwards up the stairs like you did in the Quickstep for instance.) 🙂

    Best of luck and you’ll see that you’ll be lifting the Glittery trophy in the end!


  6. Camilla says:

    Ricky and Natalie… WOW!!! What amazing performances both of them!!! As usual I grit my teeth over not being able to vote for you from Dub…. Why can’t they have a phone number to use for voting from outside of the UK? I’m fairly sure that we are loads watching the show from e.g. the Republic of Ireland… Anyway; THANK YOU for two absolutely divine dances. (I quite understand Nat’s frustration with Craig never being able to give 10, tonight you really should’ve had full house for at least one of the dances!!) Fingers crossed that the viewers in the UK have 3-4 phones each and vote like crazy for you; you belong in the final! 🙂

  7. gillster says:

    oh my good god this is tense….9pm voting over and I have proudly voted in multiples of tens….;-) i think the dances merited al efforts to get JUSTICE 🙂 Go Len!

    Well we wanted treated….and that’s what we got…..You BOTH never let us down….what emotional performances……you soooooooooo deserved to be at the top of that leaderboard…talk about head held high…..

    I can only hope that for every neanderthal who votes for ‘_____________________'(left blank as i’m trying to be sportsmanly ;-))…..there are a zillion votes for th comprehensive magic that is nat and ricky….

  8. Laurayne says:

    Stunning Waltz, and a jaw dropping AT. FAB-U-LOUS! 🙂

  9. gillster says:


    that was so emotional…..but bittersweet….I don’t think Ali deserved to go…..and I wont enjoy a Ricky Chris final as much as an Ali Ricky one…..

    but at the moment I am just so pleased for you both….well done…..for me, it doesn’t matter if you win now….(she said lying 😉 ) because you will dance the BEST (naturally, you have nat!!!)…..and the fickle public may well do their worst…BUT YOU MADE IT!!!!! and you did that by ‘feeling’ dance… gimmicks,

    s’funny, everyone says Chris is a trier, but Aleasha was right, he doesn’t have the monopoly on it….you have squeezed every inch of yourself onto the floor….and for that we bloomin well salute you!

    I feel entertained!!!!!

    I can now enter a war with my sister who is a die hard team cola!….shake in your boots Cola…we’s a commin!

  10. Camilla says:

    YES!!!! My sincere and heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS RICKY & NATALIE!!!! Well done both of you and how refreshing with your generosity toward the other couples with praise and encouragement! I believe that this is the best final we would get given the unfortunate circumstance with Jade’s knee. (my dream final would’ve had you and Jade dancing for the trophy but let’s hope she can come back and show us the tango instead.)

    Once again congratulations to both of you well done!! Enjoy this step now, you deserve the joy of it before throwing yourselves into next week’s dance practice. Lindyhop? Sounds like fun-that Nat will put together a fab showdance for you is a given of course! 🙂


  11. Nell says:

    My sincere congratulations.I had a bad feelin you weren’t going to make the final
    ( the public are sooooo fickle) but I sould never have doubted the justice vote well said Sir Len ( as I know think he should be knighted)You and Nat were UNBELIEVABLE BEYOND WORDS.The waltz made me cry and the tango left me speechles (if you knew me that is some achievement)
    I am so proud of you and what you have done.Go on and win that final.Me and me gals will enjoy my SDC party complete with “The Rickster Party BagsS” Your family have done you proud.Harry is fab (always liked a man in uniform)
    You have proved beyond all doubt your place in the final.I could gush all night, but will go now.
    Just a word of sympathy for Ali ( not too much) but it is a dance comp enough said.
    Two standing ovations backstage and one house front YOU SHOW OFF.
    Go all the way Rickster
    Massive love to you and Nat ( she is almost as good as you lol)
    Lift the glitter ball well snd truly HIGH XXXXXXX

  12. krishol says:

    wooow!!! What a performance ricky, you both are FAB-U-LOUS! What more can i say?! They have had said all the comments of appreciations! Only thing i can say is, ricky to win n lift that glitters ball trophy.. Im still holding my breath til d final… Goodluck ricky n natalie, hoping that u read all these comments..all our supports!! CONGRATULATIONS!! For me ur a winner n standing ovation….

  13. Laura P says:

    Congratualtions Ricky! I snuck out of work to watch the results show and was so nervous for you and Nat but yay!!! That waltz was so stunning it seriously made me cry like a baby. Your AT was scorching, never mind HOT! Well done on going through, a deserved finalist and fingers crossed a winner next week. Mind you, you’re already a winner in your fans eyes after last week and especially this week.

    Good luck with training this week and hopefully we’ll get to see you on ITT a bit more too. Cant wait until saturday! YAY!!!

  14. othcymru says:

    Two great performances on Saturday…so happy you made it to the final. Good luck for this week. But please tell Natalie not to try and attempt the moves of Craig and Natalie who did the pro showdance! We really don’t want another Brendan/Lisa OMFG type showdance! LOL.
    Natalie’s pro quickstep and foxtrot have been the best pro dances for me this year and a showdance in that vein would be unbelievable! But whatever happens, you’ve been a brilliant contestant and Natalie’s been an amazing teacher 🙂

  15. anna says:

    Congratualtions Ricky&Natalie, what a fantastic night for you it must have been for you two, I know it was for me!

    I could hardly breathe all the way through the show, and almost had a heart attack in the results show. So glad you two got through!

    I was overcome with emotions watching your waltz, I was shaking like a leaf (or a leaflet as Vincent would say:-D) and shed a few tears. Your AT was hot hot hot, I actually thought that you looked like a full-size version of Vincent at times! So very well done!

    (btw, Natalie’s foxtrot with Ian was just stunning. She is such a star, so talented and so down to earth. You’ve won a lottery with her, didn’t you?)

    Looking forward to the final, it will be nerve-wracking for sure but I bet we’re in for a treat. And 4 dances from you two – what else can you wish for? Maybe for you to lift that glitter ball but leave it to us! Just dance your socks off as you have done so far, and deliver an out-of-this-world performances, especially the show dance. I know that with Nat’s choreography it will be spectacular!

    Shame about the packed week with filming and training. I though the Hollyoaks were to give you some more time off? Don’t they want you to win??? Bribe them if you have to 😀

    Good luck for Saturday! You’ve got my votes!!!!

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