samba night

its sunday evening and ive just got in after a tough week and hectic weekend. wow,it all happened back stage for me and Nat this weekend!! I damaged my leg in the dress rehearsal and Nat damaged her shoulder and nearly broke her toe when a door was opened on it!! We both practically bandaged what bits were hangin off and preyed we got through the 90 seconds. It was tough and it hurt alot,Alesha noticed i wasnt smiling,i tried to smile when i could but at points i thought the pain was gonna be too much and i nearly stopped. But no chance in hell would i let Nat down last night,her parents flew across from australia to watch her for the next few weeks,im gonna make sure that happens. Thats why i work so hard in the dance studios, i used to dance for me as im competitive and just love competitions,i hate to lose . Now i think im starting to realise that others are starting to rely on me. I have had so much support obviously from carley,friends and family,but people on the street just voicing their appreciation of what we are  doing on the dance floor. Its so warming when you realise people are being touched by what we do, a lovely lady said she cried during the viennese as she thought it was beautiful,others said it was like spying on a couple in love. This has always been our aim,to make people believe,inspire them to want to watch us,to want to vote for us. Everyone has voted us through this far so i guess its only right i do my part and dont let them down,so bring on the pain,i wont let excuses get in the way. Big Phil had an opperation and danced that week,we all have problems so lets just get on with it,i didnt use it as an excuse,Tess was really lovely to bring it up. She didnt have to but she wanted everyone to know i wasnt at full strength and bless her for that,she is just a really genuine person so thank you Tess. Met Vernon(legend) and their beautiful daughter too,what a family,stunning.  So most importantly,we are through to the next round. Ive taken today off from training. My leg needed the rest,as does Nat,i had physio instead so fingers crossed all will be ok for training tomorro. Im looking forward to it,quickstep,Nat is great in every dance but im sure a few will remember the pro dance quickstep was her choreography and recieved a standing ovation from all 4 judges so im in for a tough week but it should be great. She always challenges me and wont just settle for an easy routine that we can perfect for next saturday. She isnt happy with a perfect simple routine,she wants to push and push,she loads great routines with tough technical moves,the judges have picked up on it though they didnt clock we were the only ones to attempt the samba rolls(any move with samba in the title should surely be in the routine no matter how hard it is to perform) yet we were the only ones,well done Nat,again we were the only ones to fleckrel in the viennese,not just one way but both after a contra check(look at me and my dance chat!!) So im prepared for a tough week,im gettin an early night for once, and start tomoz after filmin,bring on the quickstep!!! Man it looks fast!!!

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  1. Laurayne Davis says:

    Hi Ricky, I just want to say I’m LOVING you on SCD. For me you’re the best thing that has hit the programme since Colin. Don’t let the knockers get you down there are a lot of us out there rooting for you and are really hoping you go all the way. We might not be as “vocal” as the supporters of other celebs, but rest assured we’re here and wanting you to do well. So far my favourite dance by you (and out of the series so far) has been The Paso, you were fantastic.

    Good luck to both you and Natalie with the Quickstep. 🙂

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