rock n roll baby

sorry bout the lack of posts and late post,ive been kind of busy. All im allowed to say is that im very dissappointed with the harrassment ive suffered from certain papparrazzi and have instructed my lawyers to deal with it but thankyou to everyone for their support,its been very touching. Anyway, ive got rock n roll this week and unfortunatley not had anytime with the main choreographer ryan like the rest of the couples so will try and pinch an hour today to see if he likes what we came up with with darren and lana. But i absolutely love our routine,if it goes well,its gonna be fun and as i hope you are all starting to expect,we will push the boat out to try and wow and entertain you guys. we again put our bodies on the line with a hectic dangerous routine but think you will appreciate it. we have so much fun performing it and even performed in front of henry winkler,yes the fonz came to watch us train in liverpool. he is a true gentleman and so inspirational and passionate about everything,i want to make him proud this week,him being a rock n roll icon!!! thanks again for all your support,it means so much and i want to make you proud and will pay you back by throwing everything in to any routine i do and always aim to entertain and put something in each routine that will wow x

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  1. Camilla says:

    Don’t worry Ricky-we understand perfectly how stressful and upsetting this week must’ve been for you. Besides- you’ve written today! 🙂

    Best of luck with your dances tonight, really looking forward to both of them! Isn’t it tough to switch from the fun and lively Rock n roll to the romatic and elegant Viennese Waltz in such short time? I mean for a female dance it’s ok since their man lead them right and set the tempo… I’m sure you can do it though- you and Natalie always seem to pull it out of the hat even if the week have been busy with different things. 🙂

  2. christine says:

    you know you have the support of real people here , you dont need to prove anyting to anyone just being yourself is important ur fun lively and pasionate all this will shine . in life sh*t happens its how u deal with it that makes u who u are .

  3. Camilla says:

    Well done Ricky & Natalie! Loved the show tonight, thank you for putting a sparkle to the Saturday night as usual. 🙂

  4. Laurayne says:

    First time round was good but, the second one was OMG FANTASTIC! Craig was right, that’s the best we’ve seen you dance (and that includes that fabulous QS). You showed that when the “going gets tough, the tough get going”. Honestly and truly I’ve watched the DO performance four times (so far) and I couldn’t differentiate between the celeb and the pro. You were that good. I also thought you were the best celeb in the VW, because you looked to me as if you were leading Natalie around like a pro. Well done, and rest assured the WWWs are still supporting you, hitting the redial and crossing everything in the hope you get to the final. 🙂

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