quarter finals

well its been another tough week as we approach the later stages. funnily enough we had both routines down by the monday night which is actually ahead of schedule. Normally we are still running through it tuesday night tryin to finish it rough so it was a good start considering the tough task of two dances. So all was goin well til my little bout of man flu, which wiped me out for wed/thurs,i just had nothing in the tank,i was shattered and searching for breath after the first half of the foxtrot never mind the cha cha!!! So everythin for a reason and i put the good start down to i was gonna need to take it easy later that week…i believe in fate and somethin clicked earlier in the week and without that head start we would have been in a lot of trouble this week. Still a lot of work to do but im happy with this weeks routines,foxtrot is graceful and sweepin to frank sinatras marvelous,one for Len,very technical,intricate footwork,i hope they show it on camera this time as Natalie has given me some outrageous pro steps.When they come off,it feels and looks beautiful so im looking forward to that!! The cha cha is fun and one for the audience at home,craig,bruno,alesha and darcy . Again its not an easy routine,Nat doesnt do easy,she likes to push me and wants me to develop which i love,i love the challenges she sets. Its technical and travels and is great fun to dance. I have loved dancing them both yet sayin that they are both very hard and i hope i can do them justice and come back this week fighting. We and especially i owe everyone who picked up the phone and voted last week and every week,everyone who has said lovely things to us whether it be on the street,in papers,on tv and on forums,love our appreciation threads guys(thank you again,i now know you read my site). We owe everyone to go out there this week and give it everythin we have to entertain you and inspire you to vote. Im havin a great time and dont want to go anywhere,im lovin the show. so fingers crossed this week for two clean entertainin performances, luuuuuuurrrrvin my job!!!!!!

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  1. Nicola says:

    Good luck for tonight and hope you have recovered from the man flu. Ricky to win! x

  2. Laurayne says:

    <<<>>> I honestly didn’t get it! You were head and shoulders above EVERYONE else in the competition tonight. I’m feeling so disappointed for you and Natalie right now that I don’t know what to say. Except chin up, you might not have the “cheeky chappie” vote, the “showmance” vote or the “broken toe/foot/ankle” vote, but you will ALWAYS have the vote of those who appreciate GREAT dancing. 🙂

    Good Luck for next week and shame them all with an absolutely fab Argentne Tango.

  3. gillster says:

    Laurayne…..I couldn’t agree more…..how disappointing that near perfect strictly dancing has to compete with irritating gimmicks…..i’m sure Ricky is too gracious to agree with us….but I am bored of Ali not being able to act out the latin dances and bored of Chris and Ola’s ‘carazzzzzy’ hobbit-fest….Very very frustrating that Ricky is the best dancer, and his only handicap is the geography and time constraints of his training……when you factor that in…..my goodness….what an achievement…..
    Ricky if you read this…..you have to dance perfectly…..do it for natalie…..she is AWE(andthen)SOME….love her drive and dedication…love your partnership, and i will say right now…..and this is fact….sad but true….if you are not in the final…..there would be no interest in me watching…..I just want to see great professional chemistry, camaraderie and you and nat are are the only ones remaining to have that….how fickle the public seem sometimes…..argghhhhh! could really scream!

  4. oth says:

    Well done on delivering 2 fantastic routines. You didn’t let us down but we let you down 🙁
    Come out fighting like you always do. You’ve proved to be the best dancer in the comp if not the best dance ever in strictly’s history.
    You don’t need the gimmicks as your dancing speaks for itself and hope you take comfort in the fact you are a great dancer – regardless of a voting public who can’t appreciate it. Pearls before swine!:P
    Good luck for the semi finals!

  5. Sarah says:

    Ricky – You were awesome last night and deserve to fly through to the final. I think you need to get some serious positive PR out there this week to overcome the apathy that voting folks are showing, Your recent headlines are affecting your public support sadly, in my opinion and I hope peeps remember this is a dancing competition. From the bit i’ve seen on ITT of your crazy schedule with work commitments and all you have done an amazing job and have a clearly natural instinct and sheer bloody determination. All the best and take care this weekx

  6. Camilla says:

    Yes best of luck come Saturday Ricky!! You and Natalie sooo deserve to not only go to the final but also to lift the Glitter Trophy! Unfortunately I was in Stockholm this weekend (I know poor planning on my part) so I missed the show last night. Hopefully the dances will be out on YouTube soon so I can see what I understand was AMAZING dances, at least from you and Nat…

    Looking forward to see your Argentine Tango! 🙂

  7. Laura P says:


    That Foxtrot was beautiful and the Cha Cha was really funky. I agree with my fellow WWW Laurayne that I dont get why you were in the DO at all. No disrespect to the other competitors but you danced everyone else off that floor last night and deserved the top spot on the leaderboard 100%. You gave the performances of your life and I was shocked and saddened that you were in the Dance Off.

    I hope next week people will realise that you and Natalie deserve a spot in the final and that you dont have to have gimmicky Tshirts/catchphrases or a romance or an injury to be a worthy SCD finalist (and hopefully a winner!). It saddens me that people cant see past the schtick and the fluff of the others and see what a truly gifted dancer YOU are.

    I am so looking forward to your Argentine Tango, I know you and Natalie will give us a passionate and intricate performance that will prove to the people out there how amazing you both are. Set that dancefloor on fire guys and I will be voting off the hook for you.

    Good luck Ricky and Natalie! xxx

  8. Nell says:

    Greetings Mr Whittle
    Mine by comparison will be much longer than the rest of the comments.
    I have really really felt the need this week to comment.What a fabulous 2 dances but what a load of crap results.You must think what more can a man (and woman do?)Well I’ll tell you nothing in the feet or the rest of your body (maybe try the thong)get the sparkle back in your eyes.Can’t imagine the shit you have been through lately, but you have lost your mojo.
    You have been my no 1 since that first waltz and despite it not being called “Strictly come can’t dance but act like a gimp” IT HAS BECOME THIS.Just watchin Down with Love the movie takin back to your quick step lots of mojo.I have a strictly party organised for the final in your honour.I and all my gals hope you make it.You and Nat deserve it above anyone else. I suspect the pubic will put you and Ali ( no shes a mate but boring with her thunderbird puppet partner)in the dance off next week,hobbits will go through.So basically “The Rickster” as we call you at work, dance your bloody socks off yet again, keep your chin up and don’t let them grind you down.
    Loads of love to you and Nat
    Keep the Faith
    Ricky xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Missym says:

    Hi Ricky, just wanted to say I hope you keep smiling this week and have a great time learning the AT. I can’t wait to see it, I’m sure it will be sizzling. I thought you were amazing on Sat night, I loved the foxtrot especially seeing you singing along having a great time and that cha cha cha was hot!I honestly think you are up there with the best dancers ever to grace Strictly and I can’t wait to see you perform every week. You and Natalie have been the highlight for me this year and I know I’ll be watching your dances in months (and maybe even years ;)) to come. Just go out there on Sat, forget about the votes and have a great time! We are all loving your work!xxx

  10. krishol says:

    i luv to see you ricky and natalie in the final,,,can’t wait to see you perform your showdance…gudluck!!! Fingers crossed you’ll get through to it…LIFT THAT TROPHY RICKY!!!

  11. gillster says:

    I keep staring at the grey block, wondering what to write, how to advise at what must be the biggest week in the competition. My instincts tell me that you should dance for you and natalie, your family and friends, and the fans who have grown to appreciate your efforts in Strictly. Do not think about the judges, natalie is your only judge, and now i’m sure one of your best friends. Dance for her and celebrate what is a wonderful professional partnership…

    Surely I speak for many fans when I say I wouldn’t have wanted you to dance with anyone else, having seen the journey you have been on. Natalie is not about gimmicks, or caricatures, she loves dance and she likes winning…in life…she just comes across as someone who wants the best for her and those around her….I think she brings a professional purity to the competition, I am really hoping she will come back next year.

    I am enjoying the Strictly experience, for me both you and Jade had a real dance story to tell…i was gutted that she had to drop out. So it’s down to you. I am willing you to get through to the final, and will be voting a zillion times, because you have proved yourself already, weeks and weeks over…..

    Best of luck and please tell nat she is a-maz-ing!

  12. Dee Adams says:

    You were fantastic!! Keep up the good work handsome! Dee xx

  13. anna says:

    I’m with you, gillster, re Natalie. I can’t really imagine you dancing with anyone else, I love your chemistry on a dancefloor and – from the little we have been shown on the ITT – your partnership in a training room. However cliche it may sound, it really takes two to tango and you both have worked really hard to get to this stage of the competition. Natalie’s brilliant choreography wouldn’t be worth much if her dance partner wasn’t putting any effort to perform it to his best ability. In my opinion, you couldn’t have put any more effort than you did (considering your other commitments), and I’m sure Natalie couldn’t have asked for more from you.

    I’m sure the past couple of weeks, and especially last Saturday, must have been emotionally difficult for you two. But don’t look back and just enjoy dancing with Natalie. I’m sure you will deliver two amazing dances and I can hardly wait for the Argentine Tango! As gillster said – dance for Nat, your friends and familiy, and for your fans – you have them aplenty!

    I want to see you in the final and will vote for you as many times as I can, because you have proved you deserve to be there. You were my fav from day 1 and you have never dissapointed me. You can be proud of yourself.

    Whatever happens, you are my winner!

    Dance your socks off on Saturday!!! Best of luck!!!

  14. Laurayne says:

    Well said Gillster. 🙂

    Ricky, I don’t know how they judge semis in Australia but please tell Natalie that if Len sees that lift in the Waltz he’ll have a headfit. Which in turn could make potential voters think you’re trying to cheat. The WWWs all commented on it, infact DrB posted that she nearly choked on her tea! 😀 After seeing it on ITT, hopefully, James or Vincent will have phoned one of you after seeing it on ITT, and there’s enough time to make the necessary adjustments.

    Seriously though, if you do have to go on Saturday make sure you go out with a bang. I loved your Waltz the first time around and when I re-watched it on iplayer I actually welled up; I had forgotten how beautiful it was. Would you tell Natalie that she has been fantastic and I’ve really enjoyed her choreography for both you and the fantastic pro. Quickstep.

    Not much left to say except that (lift or no lift) I’ll be voting for you on Saturday and hoping that everyone-else who have enjoyed your performances as much as I have will be doing the same.

    Good luck to both of you 🙂

  15. Laura P says:

    Lol, that’s my name on the forums – DrB! (short for DrBolognaise)

    Yes, I beg on behalf of all your fans DONT PUT AN ILLEGAL LIFT IN! You know by now what the judges are like, especially Len, if he sees an illegal lift then he will go mental and his rant could cost you votes. It looks beautiful, dont get me wrong, but you cant do you lifts in the Waltz and it could cost you votes.

    I wont be able to watch the show this week as Im on Nights this weekend but Ive got The Hubby trained ready to redial like a maniac for you on saturday. I also told my mum-in-law if she didnt vote she shouldnt expect any grandkids, lol.

    Seriously though, good luck to you both. I know you’re going to nail the Waltz and I bet that Argentine Tango will be electrifying!

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