perfect 10 but aiming higher

i wish it was and maybe i could have done it better,but this was for me the best performance i have produced yet and im grateful to Alesha for recognising the effort put in to the performance.That was by far my toughest week and we had less time but put in every minute we could to drill the routine in and get it right. It felt great,so good that if you watch the dance back carefully,me and Nat were actually singing all the way through.It was so funny,we were actually singin out loud,we had so much fun. Everything felt right and i didnt have to think about the routine as Nat had drilled it into me so much during a crazy week,we could just enjoy the moment. And we did. I never thought id enjoy ballroom so much but Nat has brought it out in me. She has provoked a new love for this discipline and i had so much fun on saturday. I was amazed by the great comments that were given by the judges and they have made us more determined to come back next week and prove it wasnt a fluke,that we can entertain you guys every week. We are always improving but want to come out every week and want people to be excited by us,i want them to not want to miss our dance or if they do,they have to watch it back and find it on the internet as they enjoy our performances. We want to inspire people,like Natalie has inspired me. I never thought id love dance this much but she has made it so much fun to learn and challenges me each week.Im lovin strictly,but it wouldnt be as fun if i wasnt dancing with Natalie. Im glad she challenges me as i need to be pushed and want to dance the best i can, this can only happen if i work hard. She has reignited a competitive streak in me that i used to have when i played sports. I hated losing and no matter what they say,everyone in this competition wants to win,if they say otherwise,they are lying,or trying to play the audience. At least we are honest. Yeah i dream of winning and yeah we want to win,why wouldnt we, whats the point in playing for 4th place if you can play for 1st. I guess my dad  installed that in me from a young age and im glad he did. He made me always want to be better,to aim higher,to push through barriers,when someone said i couldnt do something,prove them wrong,addidas says it,impossible is nothing. Doctors said 6 years ago i would never play sports again and would be lucky to walk with out a limp,now im back playing football and american football and dancing in the toughest show on tv and lovin every minute of it. If id have settled and believed what the doctors said,i would never have tried. They said one thing but it made me determined to prove them wrong,i wasnt goin to give up,you should never give up in life,in any part of your life. Fight harder and achieve the things you didnt know possible,accomplish things people said couldnt be done. Go out tomorrow and prove someone wrong, aim for the life you want. Im trying, im not there yet myself so who am i to talk but hey…im working on it,im trying to make things happen….be lucky

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