my dad on ITT

how great is the bigman,the man who shaped my life and made me the person i am today,my idol. Just wanna say thanks to him for his support as well as my mum and relatives,friends,family,work colleages,koala(formally known as leach). cant believe he gets more airtime than me on that show though ha ha,glad he enjoyed it,bless him he had so much he wanted to say but didnt get the opportunity so told me on the phone. He pushed me so hard as a kid to be better,stronger,faster,to have respect,appreciate where ive come from and going to,to love everyone as you get what you give,treat others how id like to be treated myself. I was very lucky to be raised by two amazin parents with two great siblings in chris and debs,thankyou carley for your support too,it means so much,i love you all and hope i can make you proud x

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  1. simon bute says:

    I have only been watching this series last month or so but you really deserve to win, i may only be a viewer from somewhere in devon, however “ricky to win” no pressure !!! good luck ricky for saturday night.

  2. Helen Barton says:

    My husband wants to know if your dad was on 17 squadron in gulf war as he recognised him when he has been on it takes two.

  3. gillster says:

    it is lovely that you have such a good relationship with your father…..and his pride in you is deserved….you are a real credit to your friends and family. I lost my father to cancer nearly 2 years ago, on January 26th 2008, less than 6 weeks after diagnosis. He died in my arms and I saw him take that last breath. I love that you are not taking the people around you for granted….that you acknowledge their support and most of all can tell them you love them….if I have a regret it is that Dad didn’t get to see me becoming a success in my career……but you know Ricky and Natalie, you both cannot be burdened by that….you are making your families very proud…..keep on doing what you are doing… dad would have loved you….especially Nat 😉

  4. John says:

    Your Dad

    You might not have won the competition but you won hands down in the big game, I lost my Dad when I was 18 and up to that time I was a total waste of space, Whilst I have made good since I would give years of my life to hear my Dad say words like your Dad did. Cherish him and his words forever you are a very lucky Guy.

  5. Hannah says:

    Hello how are you? My dad worked with your dad on 72 sq at aldergrove- he recognised him straight away and said what a top bloke he was! Good to see you are doing so well- we lived on Slessor Road at the same time back at Aldergrove. Good Luck with your career x

  6. Stephanie Whittle says:

    Hi Ricky my name is stephanie whittle.

    I would like to ask if you have any relations with the name Albert(bert) whittle.
    My father has not been in contact with his dad for about 36 years, and as the surnames are the same i was just querying.

    It would be very appreciated if you could reply to this query.

    Thank you

    Stephanie Whittle

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