Morning After Paso week

wow,dont think its sunk in yet. Week 2 and we walked away with an 8 and three 9’s after i messed up,came top of the table and had an absolute ball learning a great paso routine!!  I really wasnt expecting those marks or comments from the judges as you can probably see from my reactions. As soon as the routine finished you can see in my face i was dissapointed and kept apologising to Natalie. The dress rehearsal had gone perfect,it was the best i had ever done it so i was confident. Even Natalie said wow that was amazing,she said i had such intensity and power that she nearly fell over three times(that was a good thing apparently!!) .The paso is such an aggressive dance that maybe i was too hyped up and just got ahead of myself and was just a fraction ahead of the music. It was only for a second but it was noticable to me and got in my head,it wasnt as good as the dress run but hey,you guys and the judges didnt see that so maybe i should have just kept quiet. After my little lapse in timing,overall watchin it back,it wasnt as bad as i thought it was and the crowd really seemed to get behind us. At the time you cant see the audience or judges as you are…well i am so focused on Nat and the routine,i dont even see the camera men running round us during the routine,probably a good thing too. But it was good to hear the audience joining in and i had a lot of fun playing Juan the matador!! Once again Nat came up with great choreography,music choice was great and i was really gratefull to the judges for their great comments,just taking it all on board and hopefully make next week even better. We cant go backwards,we need to work even harder and put in massive efforts to progress and improve each week. I didnt think i could maintain that standard after opening week but we did,we went better and why shouldnt we. Ive never danced before so i still have a lot to learn and that ‘journey’ to make,everyone has that learning curve and im enjoying the begining of mine. There’s a long way to go but i have to take it a week at a time and concentrate on that routine,improving my posture,technique,hittin that footwork,adding that flair. Im having a ball,long may it continue,so fingers crossed, after a tough week in the studio,maximum effort in very little time by the way(im only gonna have about 8 hours this week,the shortest amount of time yet to learn a whole new routine,its a toughy as well.) hopefully i can come out fighting again and try get through that next round. This week its Frederico time…il leave you to figure out which dance is next…

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  1. jessie says:

    i’m no expert, but the dance on saturday was on FIRE!!!!! it was amazing!!!

    keep it up!

    jessie x

  2. eco_delsol says:

    WOW, I just discovered you and your Paso Doble while netting the web. I’ve never seen Strictly here in the USA. But when I read the Wow’s on your performance, I started checking you out. In that dance, you looked like a seasoned performer. Very Good. Hope to see more of you in the US. Time to hit the big time and do some movies, don’t ya think?

    Good Luck

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