jive bunny

im not bein funny and at the risk of sounding like a broken record….man this is a fast dance!!! Every week i point out how fast the routine is and im sorry but they are,but surely this is as fast as they get now? Surely i can relax after this one,if they get any faster,my legs are gonna fall off!! Its gonna be great fun,lots of technical steps but after the seriousness of the tango last week,we wanted to have fun this week and really show our characters. Again i have struggled for hours this week but at least we have had more than last week. I was really proud when i heard a couple had had 30 hours training and i was way down with only 8and a half,it was a really tough routine and although a perfectionist,i could be really proud of how well we did. Sadly we made a few mistakes but my mind wasnt as focused as it should have been and we were just under rehearsed so i lacked consistency. The dress run went well but i couldnt perform it well everytime,that comes with more training hours. I use the hours to know the routine inside and out then come sat night i can just enjoy the performance,hopefully i can get to that stage this week. If i dance a clean performance,its less pressure in front of the judges,if i make mistakes at this stage,everyone is doin so well,ill be gone. Everyone was so good last week and this comp is really hotting up,and no doubt everyone will be even better this week. Really sad craig went,he has been so funny to work with and i have a good friend there. He always danced with a smile on his face!!  Missed my train south due to filming this morning too so have missed physio….doh!!! will hopefully try sort something tonight or tomorrow before the show. fingers crossed

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  1. tara says:

    Hay ricky just want to say your doing a fantisic job on srickty,I have been taking bellydance lessions for three months now and understand how hard it is to get the coreograpghy right,Although your routine is differant to where your more foot work and posture and mines hip and body movement the pressure to get it right is the same but we do it caues we love it right? anywayz stay positive and keep up the fantisic work t.ps amazing smilex

  2. tara says:

    Hi ricky big up on the dance floor cause your wicked and jassy,nuff respect due to you cause your holding your corner no matter how hard so gwan baby show them how we do as mixed race people the best of both worlds,cause we love you like that alright babe,good luckx

  3. Laurayne says:

    Ok, the WWW*s will let you off this time “that jive was FAST”! I dread to think how much faster it was if you had to slow it down four times. Well done on another excellent performance. Hopefully, you’ll get a bit of a “rest” this week with one of the ballroom dances.

    Good Luck 🙂

    *WWW = Wicky Whittle’s Whittlettes! (Don’t ask *lol*)

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