Friday Feeling

Well im on the train back down to london. Had a quick telephone interview with the main man from the north Adam Catterall on Rock FM. This show cracks me up every morning and sets me up for my long fridays,those guys are hilarious so thanks for the support. Thanks also to everyone who has been voting and supporting us over the weeks,especially mine and Nats own appreciation thread on the strictly forum,you guys are lovely and im dancing for all you guys too. Its a very humbling experience when people you dont know take to you and support you without wanting anything in return. Its positive energy that i love and try give back in life. It makes the world go round,i reject anythin negative,it just drags you down. Why should i entertain negative people or  energy,life is too short,embrace it enjoy it. If i died tomorrow,i lived today,and i lived it how i wanted surrounded by lovely people,doin things and jobs i love and wouldnt want it any way. Man i love life!!

Quickstep tomorrow and it is goin well,my leg is still giving me trouble and my legs are fatigued but a bit of physio today when i get to strictly should help. Loving the routine,Nat has come up with great choreography again,do you ever doubt? Its fast and fun and has some tough complicated and very intricate steps in there. Aim this week is to do a clean routine,i havnt really had one yet and i owe Nat one,she does all the hard work in the training room and i keep making silly mistakes and letting her down on the big day.She is great about and always congtratulates me after the show it but i need to pull my socks up,but hey that will come with time and experience,like Nat says,im new to dance and have a lot to learn so exciting times.  Last week was a shame,i really nailed the samba in the dress run and that morning and it was just the pain stoppin me from performing it properly. Thats the one dance that im really gutted about as i had so much more and wasnt making mistakes and couldnt stop smiling all the way through but thats the way the cookie crumbles,we move on and try and improve each week cos everyone is doin great. I really look forward to the weekends and the whole strictly experience,its such a laugh,tuffers and craig crackin me up,vincent being his smooth lovely self and james,ian and brendan rippin me to shredds,its great banter and id hate to have to stop now. Thats why we try our best,its a great place to be and you dont wanna leave,if i wanna stay,i have to do Nats proud and pull a clean performance out,heres to the quickstep.

3 responses to “Friday Feeling”

  1. Laurayne Davis says:

    My heart was in my mouth. That was absolutely FABULOUS. Well done, you did your supporters proud. 🙂

  2. Matthew Bailey says:

    Hi Ricky – I just wanted to let you know how inspirational I have found watching you last night (and this morning!) in that fantastic quickstep, and reading your comments about defying doctors and prognosis. I was diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s four years ago, and I’m going through a phase where I am losing the will to keep up my 90 minutes physio exercises and 90 minutes gym every day. Your words on gritting your teeth and just getting on with it to triumph over set-backs have helped me refocus on what’s essential; if you can do it, I can do it. All the best for the rest of the series – I will be rooting for you!

  3. gillster says:

    last night i had goosebumps watching both your dance and Jade’s….stood out a mile as fluid, synchronised, dedicated, ethereal and winning.

    I watch Strictly as a fan of entertainment tv, and am in awe, a typical wallflower…i don’t have an ‘fan’ affiliation and just enjoy the dancing, week to week, on merit.

    You come across as humble, a trier, eager, earnest and likeable….don’t merit the people who look for a bad angle with a response….just keep doing what you are doing…

    good luck with your schedule, and keep trying…as nat says, you can always improve…you got the right partner for you


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