Friday 13th Aftermath

Thats what im puttin it down to. Everything went crazy this weekend so im puttin it down to being friday 13th weekend where we all had to be careful!! Big shout out to Jade,hope her injury isnt to bad. Not sure how it works whether shes back next week or not but all i can say is everyone missed out on what was gonna be her best dance yet. She was great in the dress run and had worked so hard all week. It was gonna be her best dance to date and i told her she would top the board,they looked powerful and it really suited her. Its a shame she couldnt perform it as it would have been a great highlight of the show,so get well soon big sis!! Next little lai-lai,poor laila decided to dance on her sprained ankle and did so well to even get down the stairs. I was fit when i did my rhumba in week 1 and i struggled with the physical strains never mind with an injury like she had so well done for tryin and showing what a great competitor you are,i love her and hope she too can recover soon. Think she has a ballroom next so could be a bit better for her ankle wise,no doubt anton will look after either way,he cracks me up(woody from toy story-anyone see that?….yeah now i can see ya thinkin it ha ha,he’ll kill me ha ha_) Sadly the big man tuffers is out…GUTTED!!!! This man has had me in stitches since day one in our group dance to last night. He is funny ,genuine,friendly,helpful and always had a smile on his face and will probably be the biggest miss for me backstage as we were always the naughty kids at the back. Now ive got nobody to blame and will just take all the flak,doh. Its such a shame because i probably had more fun last night than any other show this series. Tuffers,myself,ricky,cassidy had a great time back stage and banter was flowing,such a shame too as his routine was beautiful,gonna miss ya big man!! gonna throw in ‘one of them’ and “dont forget ive got a…’ and hey ‘dont watch the eyes’,,argh gutted,we had a giggle! Jive was fun tho,again not long to rehearse but a bit longer than last week(still less than 10hours),hopefully if i could just get a bit further down the line,hollyoaks have give me a bit more time so fingers crossed i get to later rounds,id have way more hours to play with then i can really let go,so am gonna need help from everyone in the hope that i can pay you back with better performances. But a massive thankyou from everyone that has supported us,it means alot to know that you are still enjoyin what we are tryin to bring to the show,we are workin hard to entertain you guys at home as its you guys that get us through each week.I know that top score can still leave you in the dance off so thankyou to everyone who has voted. Hoping i can pay you back each week by workin even harder in the studios,got a lovely american smooth this week so lift time baby!!!! Wish i hadnt of lost all that weight and bulk now ha ha,cant wait to get started tomoz,anyway,im off to do my homework and scour youtube for dances and study how my technique is supposed to be. man i love this show

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