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semi finals

hopefully with no dance off,i can come out and wow the judges and viewers and hopefully inspire peeps to pick up their phones. As with every week,im trying to pull out all the stops this week and hopefully we can come up with something special for ya. loving the argentine tango,its hot,sexy and very complicated,it shud however be registered as a lethal weapon as my shins,not scratch that,whole lower half of my body are in agony. When i go wrong in latin or ballroom,i may lose balance or worse case scenario have my toes stood on,in arg tango,i get kicked in the shins,ankle,knee,groin,kidneys hands,this dance is evil!!!! Love it tho and think its lookin great at this stage,just need to keep rehearsing it and cleaning it up and fingers crossed people will like it sat night. We also chose to do the waltz,our dance from week 1 and hopefully show the progression i have made in terms of technique,posture,adding swing and sway and musicality to my performances. Nat has come up with a fantastic but tough pro routine that is fast and fluid so we dont lose the viewer,she wants people to enjoy it and not think its draggin as its a slower dance. i think people will enjoy it,i know i do and think the choreography is beautiful. justwant to say thank you again to everyone over the week for your support,again from people on the street,to magazines,newspapers and forums,our official thread(you really cheer me up when im tired and fatigued and make it worthwhile,that support is the reason we flog ourselves til gone midnight some days,we dont wanna let you down) and radio stations,especially rock fm and adam catterall,so thanks again to everyone who has not just voted,but supported us in so many ways,hopefully we wont let you down on saturday and can show you how much we wanna be in that final by producing two great routines,fingers crossed. if you see me distracted in Tess’s backstage room,thats just me on my mobile pushin redial lol

rock n roll baby

sorry bout the lack of posts and late post,ive been kind of busy. All im allowed to say is that im very dissappointed with the harrassment ive suffered from certain papparrazzi and have instructed my lawyers to deal with it but thankyou to everyone for their support,its been very touching. Anyway, ive got rock n roll this week and unfortunatley not had anytime with the main choreographer ryan like the rest of the couples so will try and pinch an hour today to see if he likes what we came up with with darren and lana. But i absolutely love our routine,if it goes well,its gonna be fun and as i hope you are all starting to expect,we will push the boat out to try and wow and entertain you guys. we again put our bodies on the line with a hectic dangerous routine but think you will appreciate it. we have so much fun performing it and even performed in front of henry winkler,yes the fonz came to watch us train in liverpool. he is a true gentleman and so inspirational and passionate about everything,i want to make him proud this week,him being a rock n roll icon!!! thanks again for all your support,it means so much and i want to make you proud and will pay you back by throwing everything in to any routine i do and always aim to entertain and put something in each routine that will wow x

Friday Feeling

Well im on the train back down to london. Had a quick telephone interview with the main man from the north Adam Catterall on Rock FM. This show cracks me up every morning and sets me up for my long fridays,those guys are hilarious so thanks for the support. Thanks also to everyone who has been voting and supporting us over the weeks,especially mine and Nats own appreciation thread on the strictly forum,you guys are lovely and im dancing for all you guys too. Its a very humbling experience when people you dont know take to you and support you without wanting anything in return. Its positive energy that i love and try give back in life. It makes the world go round,i reject anythin negative,it just drags you down. Why should i entertain negative people or  energy,life is too short,embrace it enjoy it. If i died tomorrow,i lived today,and i lived it how i wanted surrounded by lovely people,doin things and jobs i love and wouldnt want it any way. Man i love life!!

Quickstep tomorrow and it is goin well,my leg is still giving me trouble and my legs are fatigued but a bit of physio today when i get to strictly should help. Loving the routine,Nat has come up with great choreography again,do you ever doubt? Its fast and fun and has some tough complicated and very intricate steps in there. Aim this week is to do a clean routine,i havnt really had one yet and i owe Nat one,she does all the hard work in the training room and i keep making silly mistakes and letting her down on the big day.She is great about and always congtratulates me after the show it but i need to pull my socks up,but hey that will come with time and experience,like Nat says,im new to dance and have a lot to learn so exciting times.  Last week was a shame,i really nailed the samba in the dress run and that morning and it was just the pain stoppin me from performing it properly. Thats the one dance that im really gutted about as i had so much more and wasnt making mistakes and couldnt stop smiling all the way through but thats the way the cookie crumbles,we move on and try and improve each week cos everyone is doin great. I really look forward to the weekends and the whole strictly experience,its such a laugh,tuffers and craig crackin me up,vincent being his smooth lovely self and james,ian and brendan rippin me to shredds,its great banter and id hate to have to stop now. Thats why we try our best,its a great place to be and you dont wanna leave,if i wanna stay,i have to do Nats proud and pull a clean performance out,heres to the quickstep.

Morning After Paso week

wow,dont think its sunk in yet. Week 2 and we walked away with an 8 and three 9’s after i messed up,came top of the table and had an absolute ball learning a great paso routine!!  I really wasnt expecting those marks or comments from the judges as you can probably see from my reactions. As soon as the routine finished you can see in my face i was dissapointed and kept apologising to Natalie. The dress rehearsal had gone perfect,it was the best i had ever done it so i was confident. Even Natalie said wow that was amazing,she said i had such intensity and power that she nearly fell over three times(that was a good thing apparently!!) .The paso is such an aggressive dance that maybe i was too hyped up and just got ahead of myself and was just a fraction ahead of the music. It was only for a second but it was noticable to me and got in my head,it wasnt as good as the dress run but hey,you guys and the judges didnt see that so maybe i should have just kept quiet. After my little lapse in timing,overall watchin it back,it wasnt as bad as i thought it was and the crowd really seemed to get behind us. At the time you cant see the audience or judges as you are…well i am so focused on Nat and the routine,i dont even see the camera men running round us during the routine,probably a good thing too. But it was good to hear the audience joining in and i had a lot of fun playing Juan the matador!! Once again Nat came up with great choreography,music choice was great and i was really gratefull to the judges for their great comments,just taking it all on board and hopefully make next week even better. We cant go backwards,we need to work even harder and put in massive efforts to progress and improve each week. I didnt think i could maintain that standard after opening week but we did,we went better and why shouldnt we. Ive never danced before so i still have a lot to learn and that ‘journey’ to make,everyone has that learning curve and im enjoying the begining of mine. There’s a long way to go but i have to take it a week at a time and concentrate on that routine,improving my posture,technique,hittin that footwork,adding that flair. Im having a ball,long may it continue,so fingers crossed, after a tough week in the studio,maximum effort in very little time by the way(im only gonna have about 8 hours this week,the shortest amount of time yet to learn a whole new routine,its a toughy as well.) hopefully i can come out fighting again and try get through that next round. This week its Frederico time…il leave you to figure out which dance is next…

week 3 Paso Doble training

Im abslutely loving it,i feel more macho as i know im not in pink, its a very aggressive dance which i have to perform. i cant just cruise through it,this one needs a character and his name is Juan!!!! ha ha. Again Nats has me doin tough choreography and its alot faster than the rhumba and waltz so its somethin new i need to get used to and fast!!! we only have 3 days really to get it done as directors cuts are off today and weve only had 3 hours to do it in. but this is the competition now,little prep and maximum impact,i just hope i can pull it off. Its gonna be tough workin all day and gettin in minimal practice but it just means i have to work twice as hard in the studio but im lovin it. i seem more focused and determined,is it because i know ive only got 3 days to complete a whole new routine,or that everyone now expects a big performance every week from us? Expectations are high and with a great first week (that im really proud of and no matter what happens this week or coming weeks,no one can take that from us), we have probably put more pressure on ourselves to be as good if not better but i have 100% faith in Natalies amazin choreography and ability to teach me and am just havin such a ball…heres hoping that i can continue in this competition for as long as possible,i dont want it to end,besides no pressure but Nats parents are comin over from Oz in 3 weeks so i need to last at least til then ha ha

Strictly Opening night

wow,what a night,first live dance out the way…job done!!! It was soooo excitin to finally get the show started! everyone had so much fun and we are all really proud of the guys who performed on their own, and we were well chuffed that we pulled off the group dance. I think it has been a slight advantage performing second week as all our nerves went last night and we kind of got used to the arena and performing in front of a live crowd. Bruno isnt silly and was 100% right when he said safety in numbers. Its much easier as you feel you can kind of blend in,but im not silly,the judges dont miss a step so its massive effort all the way through. Just want to say thankyou to Len and Alesha for their lovely comments,thats what Nat wanted. She wanted us to make a good first impression and stand out and it looks like we did. Im just so happy i didnt let Nat down,i really want to do well for her as she has put so much effort into making me better. She really is a great teacher and i cant wait til next week,though the judges marks and comments were vicious for week one,back to the training room,got some steps and technique that need cleaning and tweakin!!!!!

Strictly Group rehearsals week1

wow,three intensive 9 hour days of group rehearsals. tough would be an understatement!!! ive had to put my feet in buckets of ice as soon as i got back to the hotel just to numb the pain,heels just aint for me. But we were in the safe hands of Shirley Ballas,an amazing woman and choreographer who has come up with what i could only describe as a professional routine,not sure if she realises this is week 1!!! There’s flips,spins and quick footwork, But we have completed it and it looks fantastic so look out for our group dance opening night!!!

Hello world!

Hi there world,this is the beginning of my official blog and yes it is really me typing. im not and have never claimed to be a writer so be gentle concerning my spelling and grammar,i just hope it keeps the site fresh for ya.I will try to keep you guys up to date with everything going on in my life,from personal life(well….some of it !!),to my career,hollyoaks and strictly come dancing, general thoughts,movements and plans for the future…..

see ya round…