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My First Individual Dance-The Night Before

Well last week, i wasnt really that nervous. Just excited to be part of it and couldnt wait to perform… that business is out the window!!!!!!!! Now its my turn and after a day training with the legendary Darcy Russell(wow by the way!!),ive just got in from a hard days rehearsal. It was the first time we had performed our individual dances in the actual studio and in front of an audience(the other contestants). Everyone has raised their game for this week,everyone looks great and there are no weak links,with everyone completing entertaining,beautiful or fun performances. Which ever one of us goes out,we can be proud as they all looked great. It was tough and im hoping i can keep my nerve for the big nights. First up tomoz is the waltz,not my fave as i find it stuffy in a suit and being a regal gentleman is not me,now dirty latin lover sounds much more fun and it is. I was happy with where we are with the rhumba for saturday,stills needs cleaning up,but feels sexy. Natalie is just always amazing,her choreography is a ten,shes more than that so the only one that will let us down will be me. So its up to me to raise my game saturday and perform like we have in rehearsals,if i do,or hopefully even better,then i think people will be surprised. The rhumba is my prefered performance but hopefully people will like our waltz. So here it is,opening week for me,me and nat are dancing last on both friday and saturday so keep watchin and help us out sat night,yes im pluggin for votes,whats the point of a blog if i cant take advantage,fingers crossed

2 Days til Strictly Begins

its getting into the early hours of wednesday evening and im still filming at Hollyoaks buzzin in anticipation for in two hours i catch the train to london for showtime. Its been a few tough weeks of learning choreography, learning routines,how to even stand properly. My whole posture has changed and adapted and i cant think of a body part that doesnt ache!!! Tomorrow is our last full day to rehearse the group dance together before beaming out to millions not just across the nation,but after recieving fan mail from Oz,the world!! I cant wait and think its gonna be a beltin opening. Everyone has worked really hard and looks great and im looking forward to seeing the rest of the competition for the first time.

SCD Training week 2

Gloves are off and the honeymoon period is over!! im shattered and training is gettin intense. Choerography is all done for the two dances and now we are down to the technical stuff, posture,frame,footwork….the hard stuff!! This is the bit thats killin me,havin to soak my feet every night to try and soothe them. Nat is workin me  hard, shes here to win and is so driven and is trying to install it into me. I really have the best partner in the show and i dont wanna let her down. Im workin all the hours i can and if i can get on top of her fantastic choreography,we can go far. but thats the tough part,its tougher than i thought it would be and shes pushin me to be the best i can. she wants me so drilled that we are looking good and together in the group dance opening night. shes all about entertaining the audience,but wants to make it right to please and impress the judges too. Its tough,im sore but we’re progressin…….slowly,ive a long way to go,but only a week to get there…ah good times!!!!

Zoe Lucker is a Lovely Person

Just a quick shout out to Zoe after being mis quoted in a recent magazine. It happens all the time in press especially when in high profile shows,and we should be used to it. It just annoys me when pieces contain quotation marks as if its from the horses mouth. It wasnt and things in the press are often paraphrased,edited or twisted to suit the story or theme. I have met her once in a studio 5 years ago and have never met her any other time(especially in a club as mentioned in the interview) til now. She is a fantastic girl with a lovely personality and i wish her all the best for the show. She is doin well too so watch out for her moves when the show starts. Once again,im sorry Zoe for any trouble this rubbish has caused

Press!!! Dancing in my Thong?

Right lets clear this little puppy up!! no i will not be dancing in my thong(yeah i do actually have one,long story but never worn!!!) nor will it be my choice of outfits regarding the amount of flesh showing on the show. It is up to the costume designers,producers and my pro partner Natalie who is choreographing what i dance,how i dance and what i dance in. I had about 70 interviews talking about all sorts and the only head line that came out was id bare my chest or dance in a thong in the final. If i ever get to the final,buzzin,but i was havin a laugh with journos and my words were taken out of context,basically it was just a bit of banter. Im just looking forward to taking part in an amazing show and praying i dont trip and make a fool of myself…….no pressure then!!!

Strictly Group rehearsals week1

wow,three intensive 9 hour days of group rehearsals. tough would be an understatement!!! ive had to put my feet in buckets of ice as soon as i got back to the hotel just to numb the pain,heels just aint for me. But we were in the safe hands of Shirley Ballas,an amazing woman and choreographer who has come up with what i could only describe as a professional routine,not sure if she realises this is week 1!!! There’s flips,spins and quick footwork, But we have completed it and it looks fantastic so look out for our group dance opening night!!!

Strictly Come Dancing Begins

Well its been a week of intensive training now and im not gonna lie,im shattered!!! I knew it would be hard but i never thought it would be this tough!! Getting used to cuban high heels for one thing(fancy dress doesnt count!!) So why do it? Im working 12 hour days filming hollyoaks then straight off to the studios to rehearse my routines til 11pm ish. Im not leaving hollyoaks just yet(most people only do reality shows when they are leaving shows,promoting books,dvds or trying to get back into the business),i simply would love the opportunity to learn how to dance properly!! I love the show and am willing to work as hard as i can to go as far as i can in the show,nobody can say i wont be putting in any effort or lacking commitment!!

So ive been paired with the lovely Natalie Lowe, widely known as the ozzy hottie. She is great,a really nice girl who is GREAT fun but at the same time focused on getting me to the final.  She already gets on too well with my girlfriend Carley,the pair ganging up on me at dinner rippin into me  was great fun!!!I was a rose between two thorns!!!! For those who havnt heard of her til now,she appeared on Australias Dancing With The Stars for 5 years and knows how it feels to get to the final and come away with the  trophy so im in good hands with the ozzy champ. The things this girl can do with her body on a dance floor are incredible!!Her choreography is immense and beautiful and if i can nail it,we will go far……however,thats where the hard work comes in. 5 years ago i broke my leg and so my balance and posture is all out of sync, i pick routines up quick but its the technical stuff thats challenging me. Keeping form and frame and have therefore been given numerous evil exercises by Nat to strengthen my legs,joints and posture. To look at her you would have thought she were an angel,but as soon as i step into her office,man shes evil,i think she could bully me to the final,fear can do wonders for a mans rythmn!!!!! Nah, seriously,she is patient(she needs to be!!) and very talented and its a pleasure to meet and work with her, we just want the show to start!!!

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