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Keeeep dancing?

well its been a week and im bored out my mind. i told you i had the bug for dancing and although its been nice relaxing and recharging in the maldives(yeah i said maldives.santas treat) i really wish i was dancing this week. I always knew i was goin to miss it and i guess i always will as there is no other feeling to working so intense all week and walking out in front of that audience and the nation. Im missing learning a new routine,and when i get back im gonna hav to find some classes or somethin to keep me goin.

just a quick thankyou to everyone who voted for us throughout the series,sorry it may have seemed like a wasted vote but im grateful for the support and walk away with my head held high knowing we topped the leaderboard consistantly and in the final and were told by headjudge Len that we were the best just sorry to Natalie,my friends,family and everyone who supported us,as i know it will have been disappointing, I walk away from strictly a very happy man but with a big hole to fill,i love dancin and would like to keep on doin it in numerous ways in the future so watch this space. thanks again for the support and an experience ill never forget

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my dad on ITT

how great is the bigman,the man who shaped my life and made me the person i am today,my idol. Just wanna say thanks to him for his support as well as my mum and relatives,friends,family,work colleages,koala(formally known as leach). cant believe he gets more airtime than me on that show though ha ha,glad he enjoyed it,bless him he had so much he wanted to say but didnt get the opportunity so told me on the phone. He pushed me so hard as a kid to be better,stronger,faster,to have respect,appreciate where ive come from and going to,to love everyone as you get what you give,treat others how id like to be treated myself. I was very lucky to be raised by two amazin parents with two great siblings in chris and debs,thankyou carley for your support too,it means so much,i love you all and hope i can make you proud x