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Dance Training Advantage my A***!!

Hillarious how 5 thirty minute sessions over 4 months became intensive training for one of the if not the toughest show on tv!!! It has been in a lot of press that i had an advantage because of lessons with Dale,(darren Bennetts twin brother) not sure that 5 lessons with your missus 2years before you knew you would be on strictly counts peeps!! ha ha. Ive had french lessons,still cant speak it tho!! My dad thinks its all down to him and his genes,but to be fair its true,you either have rythmn or you dont.2 years ago, as a present i bought Carley salsa lessons in Sheffield, but as we live the other side of the country near Liverpool,we couldnt justify the 3 hour round trip so had to jack it in after 5 lessons which spanned over 4 months as mine and Carleys filmin schedules never gave us days off together,so there you have it,rant over,another dopey rumour quashed!!! But hey even if i had continued, you will be hard pressed to find an actor who hasnt had dance training, not to mention pop stars in previous years like Rachel Stevens last year,everyone has experience in dance,you either have rythmn or you dont,whether its in a club or dance school,nothing can compare or prepare you for strictly come dancing. This is the toughest thing ive done,we are all in the same boat and no matter your experience all have to learn new routines,techniques and moves. This show is about who will want it the most,who will put in the most effort and determination to better themselves. At the end of the day,after my name it says actor not dancer,but i am tryin to change that hee hee

Zoe Lucker is a Lovely Person

Just a quick shout out to Zoe after being mis quoted in a recent magazine. It happens all the time in press especially when in high profile shows,and we should be used to it. It just annoys me when pieces contain quotation marks as if its from the horses mouth. It wasnt and things in the press are often paraphrased,edited or twisted to suit the story or theme. I have met her once in a studio 5 years ago and have never met her any other time(especially in a club as mentioned in the interview) til now. She is a fantastic girl with a lovely personality and i wish her all the best for the show. She is doin well too so watch out for her moves when the show starts. Once again,im sorry Zoe for any trouble this rubbish has caused

Press!!! Dancing in my Thong?

Right lets clear this little puppy up!! no i will not be dancing in my thong(yeah i do actually have one,long story but never worn!!!) nor will it be my choice of outfits regarding the amount of flesh showing on the show. It is up to the costume designers,producers and my pro partner Natalie who is choreographing what i dance,how i dance and what i dance in. I had about 70 interviews talking about all sorts and the only head line that came out was id bare my chest or dance in a thong in the final. If i ever get to the final,buzzin,but i was havin a laugh with journos and my words were taken out of context,basically it was just a bit of banter. Im just looking forward to taking part in an amazing show and praying i dont trip and make a fool of myself…….no pressure then!!!