Calm Before the Storm

Well im back in my hotel in west london,its the night before paso week!!! Ive got the paso doble sat night and the pressure is on to pull out another performance. Last week went so well that theres that expectation each time we step out now,a good thing that people are excited by us,or an added pressure and higher perch to fall from? Guess we will find out sat night. Again the nerves havnt arrived but im not fooled this time,there were none last week til they called my name for us to take to the stage. Friday was the worst,sat was alot better and i wasnt as nervous. Im hoping it gets easier everytime you go out there,somethin you can get used to. Using the adrenaline and excitement to produce a better performance, instead of letting the occasion take you to an insecure place. That negative energy brings mistakes and with this week bein a fast routine,our paso is alot quicker than everyone elses,could mean more mistakes or losing track,i cant afford to fall behind as it will be near impossible to catch it up neatly and will be found out massively. But hey thats the challenge and one im looking forward to. Again Nat has come up with a fantastic routine,great choreography,shes under pressure too,the judges singled her out for it in not only our dances but the pro group quickstep,so hopefully we can both deliver on the night and entertain everyone as well as keepin the judges happy with a technical,quick tight routine…..bring on showtime,we shouldnt be here if we cant enjoy it and im havin a great time, fingers crossed and keep votin x

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