Blackpool Tango

Well its the early hours of saturday morning,im a little nervous this week. its blackpool,bigger crowd,each couple are dancing out of their skin,pressure is on after 3 10’s last week,tango is a tough dance and Nats has given me a hard fast routine….did you ever doubt she would? The routine is amazing again,she is so good its scary. However,this week has been tough as we have been way down on the training hours board with less than 10 hours. i have been so busy at hollyoaks filmin 7am to 9pm,yes now we are doin late shoots into the night now,great,it was tough before. So unfortunately we are not as prepared as we should be but thats my cue to go in early and train on my own so i know the routine inside and out. I had trouble with the quickstep and this is what i did last week. I went over it again and again until it was locked in. If i could just get that time to work on it,it will be a great night,so there is work to do. Had a little bump in my car this week as the papers have picked up on but just wanna say to all those lovely peeps who worried and sent msgs,im fine,bit stiff but i cant tell if thats the crash or the tough tango routine!! No excuses,we go out there and try to entertain everyone. Im having fun performing it,so hopefully this comes across despite my tango face(no smile)

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  1. Laurayne says:

    Hi Ricky, it was such a shame you couldn’t get in the practice because that Tango looked as if it would have been one of the best. Still second on the leader board after dancing first is no mean achievement. Well done. 🙂 Just a quick question, did the nerves get to you a bit because the cheer you got when your named was mentioned was really loud?

  2. Gemma McIntyre-Holmes says:

    Hi Ricky

    Just wont to say you were FANTASTIC on sat night in Blackpool. I queued for 3hours to get in and watch the show live and it was well worth it.

    I was on the second tier behind the cameras but at the end I made sure I got down on the dance floor to meet you for the first time and got a lovely picture with you so thankyou for your time as you were swomped by women wonting your picture, I wounder why!! You were brill keep it up.

    Al the way to win I say.

    Thanks Again Ricky

    Lv Gemma x

  3. emily says:

    hey ricky

    wel i was just wondering do you have a sister or a brother ?and if you do what are there names ? xx

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