American Smooth

Its been another crazy week of juggling hollyoaks and strictly,Nat has been in london alot for children in need,we are doin something for them again this morning,so hours have been limited but the hours we have done have been productive and focused,im just hopin i can stay in long enough to get to the period where hollyoaks have trimmed my storyline so im not in as much allowing more training time. Its been tough but im lovin it. Ive gone from the fastest dance in the series(jive) to the slowest in american smooth and i think faster is easier!! Slow movements have put a big stain on my weak knees. After my leg break i hadnt really strengthened them as much as i should so moving slowly with bent knees really hurts,its a similar pain to the one i felt during rhumba. But it wont put me off and im really looking forward to this sat. Nat has come up with another beautiful routine with a spectacular finish. We are dancing a slow foxtrot american smooth to somewhere over the rainbow. A beautiful and powerful song that will finish with a daring and risky lift. It will either be a beautiful and spectacular routine or it could end in disaster and i wouldnt want the pressure of having to nail it clean in a dance off so im preying for a clean routine and just hope that everyone enjoys it at home and appreciates the work we have put in this week to try and entertain. We will never go simple and will always try to make it exciting or beautiful for the viewers(it is an entertainment show after all) so i hope everyone likes it. I think it looks lovely when done well,ive just got to make sure its clean. So im a bit more nervous this week as normally its just a clean performance that i have to worry about,this week there is an element of danger,so not just graceful and smooth,i have to be strong and powerful especially in the second lift!!! …..Pressure!!!!  Hoping everyone is feeling better this week after a crazy weekend last time around. The girls along with ronnie did very well but lets hope Brucie is better,along with Laila and Jade,i hope they can dance because they have been so consistant and raising the bar every week,Jades tango was going to be so good so fingers crossed for everyone and hopefully i wont drop Nat and we can look back and really call it american SMOOTH

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  1. t says:

    Woww absolutely fantasicley breath taking and beautyful ricky,but i couldent help wondering if it put a strain on your bad leg?so for that alone i commend you and appreciate the emotional rollercoaster of a journey your putting your self through just for entertainment tv sake!!cause its hard work,I could understand what len said about the lift that it was beautyful without it but i thought it brought the wow facter to it and was perfectley done(talk about the incredible hulk lol)you did your supporters proud and a shout out to nats for the coreo on that,You got to be wanting some rest and relaxation by now but not before you lift that trophy and do the dirtywine hey!ha great stuff

  2. Laurayne says:

    Another beautiful dance by you and Natalie, well done. 🙂 Mixed feelings from the WWWs about the lift, with the majority of us (sadly) agreeing with Len. However, there is no doubt that it was the best dance of the night and you and Natalie were the stars of the show! If you do get to the final (*fingers crossed*), the WWWs will be expecting lifts of that calibre in the showdance!

    Good luck with the Rock and Roll next week, hopefully it wont be as stressful on your legs as the jive!

  3. denise says:

    Hi ricky not really sopost to be doing this at work but whats with the marmite you either love it or you hate it on here,I gotta say when i first watched it i was like wow!so i agree and feeling the first chicks comment it was amazing reguardless,Im a great believer of thinking and acting positive and positive things will happen you dont get no where on ifs buts and maybes(negitive thinking)and if thats what you and nats felt to do then why not rock the joint im sure you said do what you want and love what you do(within moderation)so everythings proper nice and your real supporters will lol you no matter what you do yeah baby!

  4. Camilla says:

    Wow, Ricky! You and Natalie are absolutely amazing to watch… Just LOVED your Jive last week and the Am Smooth was fantastic-including the lift! 🙂

    From your first dance this season I’ve just loved to see you two dance. You always look like “hey! this is FUN!!”. My dream was to see you two vs Jade & Ian in the final, but sadly that’s not going to happen. Please, please, please be careful so you don’t get injured and have to bow out you too! (Isn’t that spooky how 3 people in two weeks have hurt their feet?)

    What will you be dancing this week? I saw on your appreciation thread on the SCD forums that you’ll be dancing to an Elvis song? Good luck I’m sure that whatever you’ll dance it’ll great as usual.

    Greetings from Dublin, ROI

  5. Mabel says:

    So glad to find your website! Been a fan of you since I saw you on “Dream Team” here in the United States. Good luck in the “Strictly” show. Keep up your blog- I enjoy reading news from you!!!!!

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