Keeeep dancing?

well its been a week and im bored out my mind. i told you i had the bug for dancing and although its been nice relaxing and recharging in the maldives(yeah i said maldives.santas treat) i really wish i was dancing this week. I always knew i was goin to miss it and i guess i always will as there is no other feeling to working so intense all week and walking out in front of that audience and the nation. Im missing learning a new routine,and when i get back im gonna hav to find some classes or somethin to keep me goin.

just a quick thankyou to everyone who voted for us throughout the series,sorry it may have seemed like a wasted vote but im grateful for the support and walk away with my head held high knowing we topped the leaderboard consistantly and in the final and were told by headjudge Len that we were the best just sorry to Natalie,my friends,family and everyone who supported us,as i know it will have been disappointing, I walk away from strictly a very happy man but with a big hole to fill,i love dancin and would like to keep on doin it in numerous ways in the future so watch this space. thanks again for the support and an experience ill never forget

changing faces dentures

The Final

Well the time for the final two couples to hit the floor is now,its been a long 4 months and im shattered,im not sure my body could last another week,it is truely exhausted as i have given everythin and carried injuries for months. I have one more night to press through and i am starting to realise that its all coming to an end,an end that i dont want. I would love to continue dancing as it has stoked a fire in my belly and ive loved every minute of it and now its coming to an end,even with all my aches and pains,i dont wanna stop. This is the best experience of my life and i wish i could come back next year and dance again,who knows maybe they will have me back for a show dance or ask me for tour. We listened to the audience and fans and they have chosen quickstep and cha cha,rehearsals went well today and it was strange getting back into old routines,hopefully they will be as good as everyone remembers as i dont wanna let anyone down. Hopefully they can be even better this time. The lindy hop is fun and me and nat have some great aerials in our solo parts to showcase what we can do in the dance. Then we have the showdance,what could we come up with to wow the fans. How could we beat that lift from the american smooth?answer? watch our showdance because if we pull the lifts off as they are meant to go,they are fantastic,the last lift is actually 3 lifts in one and very tricky getting nat into the different positions,they are combinations that have never been done and very excitin to attempt. I hope everyone likes them and all our dances,there is a little somethin in the showdance for everyone without alienating the hardcore strictly fans so there will be dancing involved,it wont be strictly come lifting!!! so fingers crossed,im going to go out there and give it everythin ive got and hope its enough to prove to the public i deserve to lift that trophy,if not,ive had the time of my life and i walk away proud and with my head held high,what a journey…..

Thankyou & i owe you all

That has to be one of the greatest nights ive ever had and definately the greatest career wise. Firstly i would just like to say thankyou to absolutely everyone who has supported us and picked up their phones and voted for us. Without you guys and your support there is now way we could have made it to the final. We knew it wasnt enough to come top,that just helped,we needed support and this weekend when it mattered it came in abundance so thankyou. That semi final was my final and i danced it so,i honestly thought i was gone and even had my leaving speech in my head. Il admit it,i was on top of the world,i had just performed a beautiful waltz(very emotional) and my favourite dance of all time,the one i wanted to do long before i appeared on strictly,the argentine tango. I think they were my two favourite dances of the series,to get a standing ovation,the amazing comments from the judges,the standing ovation from the pros when we got back to Tess’ area and finding out my dad was in the crowd to see all that with tears in his eyes,made that night perfect. It only needed my mum there too and someone very special to me and i would have left that night the happiest chappy on the planet! Though i think i was anyway,it was magical and i was happy to walk away with my head held high. To hear our names called out was a massive shock and i cant thank you enough,i will just make sure that we pay you back by coming up with 4 dances worthy of the final and not just good routines but showstoppin winning routines!! i want this to be my best performances ever and it will all be for every single person who voted and supported us. You have made a dream come true so thankyou again and i owe you,hopefully see you saturday……showtime

my dad on ITT

how great is the bigman,the man who shaped my life and made me the person i am today,my idol. Just wanna say thanks to him for his support as well as my mum and relatives,friends,family,work colleages,koala(formally known as leach). cant believe he gets more airtime than me on that show though ha ha,glad he enjoyed it,bless him he had so much he wanted to say but didnt get the opportunity so told me on the phone. He pushed me so hard as a kid to be better,stronger,faster,to have respect,appreciate where ive come from and going to,to love everyone as you get what you give,treat others how id like to be treated myself. I was very lucky to be raised by two amazin parents with two great siblings in chris and debs,thankyou carley for your support too,it means so much,i love you all and hope i can make you proud x

semi finals

hopefully with no dance off,i can come out and wow the judges and viewers and hopefully inspire peeps to pick up their phones. As with every week,im trying to pull out all the stops this week and hopefully we can come up with something special for ya. loving the argentine tango,its hot,sexy and very complicated,it shud however be registered as a lethal weapon as my shins,not scratch that,whole lower half of my body are in agony. When i go wrong in latin or ballroom,i may lose balance or worse case scenario have my toes stood on,in arg tango,i get kicked in the shins,ankle,knee,groin,kidneys hands,this dance is evil!!!! Love it tho and think its lookin great at this stage,just need to keep rehearsing it and cleaning it up and fingers crossed people will like it sat night. We also chose to do the waltz,our dance from week 1 and hopefully show the progression i have made in terms of technique,posture,adding swing and sway and musicality to my performances. Nat has come up with a fantastic but tough pro routine that is fast and fluid so we dont lose the viewer,she wants people to enjoy it and not think its draggin as its a slower dance. i think people will enjoy it,i know i do and think the choreography is beautiful. justwant to say thank you again to everyone over the week for your support,again from people on the street,to magazines,newspapers and forums,our official thread(you really cheer me up when im tired and fatigued and make it worthwhile,that support is the reason we flog ourselves til gone midnight some days,we dont wanna let you down) and radio stations,especially rock fm and adam catterall,so thanks again to everyone who has not just voted,but supported us in so many ways,hopefully we wont let you down on saturday and can show you how much we wanna be in that final by producing two great routines,fingers crossed. if you see me distracted in Tess’s backstage room,thats just me on my mobile pushin redial lol

quarter finals

well its been another tough week as we approach the later stages. funnily enough we had both routines down by the monday night which is actually ahead of schedule. Normally we are still running through it tuesday night tryin to finish it rough so it was a good start considering the tough task of two dances. So all was goin well til my little bout of man flu, which wiped me out for wed/thurs,i just had nothing in the tank,i was shattered and searching for breath after the first half of the foxtrot never mind the cha cha!!! So everythin for a reason and i put the good start down to i was gonna need to take it easy later that week…i believe in fate and somethin clicked earlier in the week and without that head start we would have been in a lot of trouble this week. Still a lot of work to do but im happy with this weeks routines,foxtrot is graceful and sweepin to frank sinatras marvelous,one for Len,very technical,intricate footwork,i hope they show it on camera this time as Natalie has given me some outrageous pro steps.When they come off,it feels and looks beautiful so im looking forward to that!! The cha cha is fun and one for the audience at home,craig,bruno,alesha and darcy . Again its not an easy routine,Nat doesnt do easy,she likes to push me and wants me to develop which i love,i love the challenges she sets. Its technical and travels and is great fun to dance. I have loved dancing them both yet sayin that they are both very hard and i hope i can do them justice and come back this week fighting. We and especially i owe everyone who picked up the phone and voted last week and every week,everyone who has said lovely things to us whether it be on the street,in papers,on tv and on forums,love our appreciation threads guys(thank you again,i now know you read my site). We owe everyone to go out there this week and give it everythin we have to entertain you and inspire you to vote. Im havin a great time and dont want to go anywhere,im lovin the show. so fingers crossed this week for two clean entertainin performances, luuuuuuurrrrvin my job!!!!!!

rock n roll baby

sorry bout the lack of posts and late post,ive been kind of busy. All im allowed to say is that im very dissappointed with the harrassment ive suffered from certain papparrazzi and have instructed my lawyers to deal with it but thankyou to everyone for their support,its been very touching. Anyway, ive got rock n roll this week and unfortunatley not had anytime with the main choreographer ryan like the rest of the couples so will try and pinch an hour today to see if he likes what we came up with with darren and lana. But i absolutely love our routine,if it goes well,its gonna be fun and as i hope you are all starting to expect,we will push the boat out to try and wow and entertain you guys. we again put our bodies on the line with a hectic dangerous routine but think you will appreciate it. we have so much fun performing it and even performed in front of henry winkler,yes the fonz came to watch us train in liverpool. he is a true gentleman and so inspirational and passionate about everything,i want to make him proud this week,him being a rock n roll icon!!! thanks again for all your support,it means so much and i want to make you proud and will pay you back by throwing everything in to any routine i do and always aim to entertain and put something in each routine that will wow x

American Smooth

Its been another crazy week of juggling hollyoaks and strictly,Nat has been in london alot for children in need,we are doin something for them again this morning,so hours have been limited but the hours we have done have been productive and focused,im just hopin i can stay in long enough to get to the period where hollyoaks have trimmed my storyline so im not in as much allowing more training time. Its been tough but im lovin it. Ive gone from the fastest dance in the series(jive) to the slowest in american smooth and i think faster is easier!! Slow movements have put a big stain on my weak knees. After my leg break i hadnt really strengthened them as much as i should so moving slowly with bent knees really hurts,its a similar pain to the one i felt during rhumba. But it wont put me off and im really looking forward to this sat. Nat has come up with another beautiful routine with a spectacular finish. We are dancing a slow foxtrot american smooth to somewhere over the rainbow. A beautiful and powerful song that will finish with a daring and risky lift. It will either be a beautiful and spectacular routine or it could end in disaster and i wouldnt want the pressure of having to nail it clean in a dance off so im preying for a clean routine and just hope that everyone enjoys it at home and appreciates the work we have put in this week to try and entertain. We will never go simple and will always try to make it exciting or beautiful for the viewers(it is an entertainment show after all) so i hope everyone likes it. I think it looks lovely when done well,ive just got to make sure its clean. So im a bit more nervous this week as normally its just a clean performance that i have to worry about,this week there is an element of danger,so not just graceful and smooth,i have to be strong and powerful especially in the second lift!!! …..Pressure!!!!  Hoping everyone is feeling better this week after a crazy weekend last time around. The girls along with ronnie did very well but lets hope Brucie is better,along with Laila and Jade,i hope they can dance because they have been so consistant and raising the bar every week,Jades tango was going to be so good so fingers crossed for everyone and hopefully i wont drop Nat and we can look back and really call it american SMOOTH

Friday 13th Aftermath

Thats what im puttin it down to. Everything went crazy this weekend so im puttin it down to being friday 13th weekend where we all had to be careful!! Big shout out to Jade,hope her injury isnt to bad. Not sure how it works whether shes back next week or not but all i can say is everyone missed out on what was gonna be her best dance yet. She was great in the dress run and had worked so hard all week. It was gonna be her best dance to date and i told her she would top the board,they looked powerful and it really suited her. Its a shame she couldnt perform it as it would have been a great highlight of the show,so get well soon big sis!! Next little lai-lai,poor laila decided to dance on her sprained ankle and did so well to even get down the stairs. I was fit when i did my rhumba in week 1 and i struggled with the physical strains never mind with an injury like she had so well done for tryin and showing what a great competitor you are,i love her and hope she too can recover soon. Think she has a ballroom next so could be a bit better for her ankle wise,no doubt anton will look after either way,he cracks me up(woody from toy story-anyone see that?….yeah now i can see ya thinkin it ha ha,he’ll kill me ha ha_) Sadly the big man tuffers is out…GUTTED!!!! This man has had me in stitches since day one in our group dance to last night. He is funny ,genuine,friendly,helpful and always had a smile on his face and will probably be the biggest miss for me backstage as we were always the naughty kids at the back. Now ive got nobody to blame and will just take all the flak,doh. Its such a shame because i probably had more fun last night than any other show this series. Tuffers,myself,ricky,cassidy had a great time back stage and banter was flowing,such a shame too as his routine was beautiful,gonna miss ya big man!! gonna throw in ‘one of them’ and “dont forget ive got a…’ and hey ‘dont watch the eyes’,,argh gutted,we had a giggle! Jive was fun tho,again not long to rehearse but a bit longer than last week(still less than 10hours),hopefully if i could just get a bit further down the line,hollyoaks have give me a bit more time so fingers crossed i get to later rounds,id have way more hours to play with then i can really let go,so am gonna need help from everyone in the hope that i can pay you back with better performances. But a massive thankyou from everyone that has supported us,it means alot to know that you are still enjoyin what we are tryin to bring to the show,we are workin hard to entertain you guys at home as its you guys that get us through each week.I know that top score can still leave you in the dance off so thankyou to everyone who has voted. Hoping i can pay you back each week by workin even harder in the studios,got a lovely american smooth this week so lift time baby!!!! Wish i hadnt of lost all that weight and bulk now ha ha,cant wait to get started tomoz,anyway,im off to do my homework and scour youtube for dances and study how my technique is supposed to be. man i love this show

jive bunny

im not bein funny and at the risk of sounding like a broken record….man this is a fast dance!!! Every week i point out how fast the routine is and im sorry but they are,but surely this is as fast as they get now? Surely i can relax after this one,if they get any faster,my legs are gonna fall off!! Its gonna be great fun,lots of technical steps but after the seriousness of the tango last week,we wanted to have fun this week and really show our characters. Again i have struggled for hours this week but at least we have had more than last week. I was really proud when i heard a couple had had 30 hours training and i was way down with only 8and a half,it was a really tough routine and although a perfectionist,i could be really proud of how well we did. Sadly we made a few mistakes but my mind wasnt as focused as it should have been and we were just under rehearsed so i lacked consistency. The dress run went well but i couldnt perform it well everytime,that comes with more training hours. I use the hours to know the routine inside and out then come sat night i can just enjoy the performance,hopefully i can get to that stage this week. If i dance a clean performance,its less pressure in front of the judges,if i make mistakes at this stage,everyone is doin so well,ill be gone. Everyone was so good last week and this comp is really hotting up,and no doubt everyone will be even better this week. Really sad craig went,he has been so funny to work with and i have a good friend there. He always danced with a smile on his face!!  Missed my train south due to filming this morning too so have missed physio….doh!!! will hopefully try sort something tonight or tomorrow before the show. fingers crossed

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