Ricky finished filming the end of the ninth season of “Dream Team” and signed for Channel 4’s “Hollyoaks”. He played rookie cop Calvin Valentine and appeared in the 2007 Hollyoaks Hunks calendar and the following three years gracing the cover due to his increasing popularity eventually going on to release an individual calendar due to popular demand.

Such was the actors and his characters profile at the time,when Ricky made his decision to leave the show,Hollyoaks took the unprecedented step to film and screen a flashforward episode into regular viewing schedules,where by viewers were given a glimpse of the murder of his character that would spark a ‘who kills calvin’ storyline for his final 6months on the show. His character finally came to his end on his second wedding to screen partner carmel,when he was shot in the heart following several affairs with his fiances sister and cousin.

Ricky has made several guest appearences on shows such as celebrity weakest link sharing the prize money in the final, he performed footloose on lets dance for comic relief. He was also a guest on loose women,% oclock show with Peter Andre, Paul o Grady ( true gents), got up close and personal with Pamela Anderson on the sunday night project and Noel Edmonds on Noels HQ.He was a panelist on the Wright Stuff, and also presented Live from studio five in the absence of his childhood hero Ian Wright but despite having a great time turned down a long term permanent position to concentrate on his acting.

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